4-30-18 Monday

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Brian Boitano has a judgmental.

Katia’s pretty much over this nonsense.

But then, as usual, she gives in.

Brian Boitano with the judgement again.

And AGAIN. I’m getting double judgement here, even.

One last moment of judgement.

If you look closely, you can see that Scott’s eyes are changing color. Wahhh!

Picabo the little poser.

Oh dear, oh dear, this poor wee kitten is trapped under that tree! Oh well, it was nice knowin’ you, Oksana.

I put this faux-fur pillow cover in the box (Emmy’s box!) and for several days the kittens all acted as though it wasn’t there – and then suddenly Debi decided it was awesome, and it’s her preferred place to hang out.

Ohno’s got somethin’ to say.

Tessa shows off her ninja stripes.

Picabo needs a kiss, don’tchathink?

Katia’s kittens turned 9 weeks old yesterday, and Kristi’s kittens turned 6 weeks old today. They’re all eating on their own (although they all hit up the milk bar as often as possible, too), using the litter boxes, climbing, running, jumping – all the things a cat should know how to do. I am slowly moving the litter boxes into the closet so that there’s more room to play in the room itself. You can go check out their weight charts on their page, if you’re interested. Dean’s the heaviest at 2 pounds 12 ounces, and Picabo is the tiniest at just over 1 pound. Not that that stops those two from wrestling all the time! Picabo’s little, but she’s fierce.


Video! Picabo’s got the hippity-hops.

YouTube link


Maxi shows off her Tony Soprano Eyes.


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4-30-18 Monday — 10 Comments

  1. Brian judging you with Katia and Kristi in the background – “…weird lady…man…”.

  2. The litter box room is VERY busy! Are four boxes enough? Maybe there should be an extra just for playin’. Love Picabo!

    • There are actually a couple of smaller ones in there, too, that you can’t see in the video. AND a couple in the room itself – and they love to play in all of them, of course. 🙂

  3. I notice that Katia is willing to roll over and nurse with you in the room. Is that a change?

    • No, she’s been doing it for a while. As long as I sit still and don’t make any sudden movements, she’s comfortable with me present. If I were to move around too much or go to stand up, she’d zoom off.

  4. Brian has carefully matched the blue in the basket with his judgmental blue eyes.

    Second picture: Katia has the Ears of OMG!

    Oksana’s eyes are gold! At least they look that way in the pic. I’ve never had a cat end up with gold eyes (all varying shades of green), so I missed noticing they were going that way instead of Granny’s green.