5-2-21 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

“Y’all hush up, I have to make an important call.” (Rummy)

They managed to flip the crown bed upside down – but apparently it’s just as comfy this way, too! (Uno, Fizzbin and Whist)

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I don’t know why I was talking to Fred (“Are you getting your hair did?”) in my kitten voice, but I don’t generally use that voice with him. It was the presence of Slapjack, vigorously licking away that brought that voice out, I guess. Slapjack is a very licky boy.

Watching Mama play.

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It’s play time in the foster room, and Slapjack’s rediscovering his favorite toy!

(Permanent resident) The Magnificent Khal.

Lap full of kittens (and Uno off in the background playing.)⁠

Good night innernets. (Uno will sleep like an angel on her Fizzbin bed.)

“My god, it’s full of stars.” (Rummy)

Line ’em up! Left to right: Rummy, Slapjack, Fizzbin, Uno, Pinochle & Whist.

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Saying hi to the kittens – and pointing out who’s who.

I thought I’d get a nice lined-up shot of the kittens WITH their mama, but… that didn’t really work out so well.

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The skitterbugs have come out to play!

(Permanent residents) Charlie (front) and Archie take a nap together. Awww.

Thlurrrrp. (Whist is the kitten in charge of ear cleanliness, I guess.)

Good night innernets! (Pinochle)

Canasta’s lettin’ it all hang out.

“You go clean your room and then we’ll talk about opening the milk bar, Slapjack.”

Canasta would like you to know that Forgotten Felines of Huntsville is now accepting applications to adopt her. Email info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.⁠

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Lap full o’ BOOPs.

It’s #Toesday, and as such please admire the toes o’ Whist.

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Play time in the kitten room! They’re very BOING!-y today.

(Permanent resident) Jake in his favorite location, keeping an eye on things.

::sniff::sniff:: Rummy forgot to apply her deodorant this morning.

Good night innernets. (Whist)

We have a lights-on, no-one-home situation here. (Slapjack)

The cat tree is popular with this bunch.

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Tails: still the very best toys!

(Permanent resident) Newt in the sweater bed, refusing to wake up and look at me. Hmph. (There’s a lot going on in this picture – that thing attached to the shelf Newt is lying on is a yarn winder (I think it’s called). Also, please admire this afghan – I think it’s the prettiest one Fred has made so far.)(Yes, my husband crochets and no he doesn’t take requests because he is MEAN.))

“Excuse you, lady, we was gossiping about you. You go ‘way now.” (Fizzbin and Uno.)

Good night innernets. (Uno and Whist.)

It’s #Thlurrrpsday, and Rummy has got her thlurrrp going on!

Remember Vittles kittens Kiki (formerly Calamity Jane) and her brother Mr. Mustachio (formerly Davy Crockett)? This is what they look like now – their big brother Oliver Starshine got a new bed, and the kittens had to test it out first. It passed the approval process… now Oliver Starshine is worried that they’ll decide there’s enough room in that bed for them, too. (Thanks, Sarah!)

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Throw Back Thursday: A video from a year ago wherein a chipmunk (that we were trying to capture so we could release it back outside) flew directly at my face, making me scream. (The slowed-down scream makes me laugh ’til I wheeze.)

Throw Back Thursday: A year ago we had Javier (yellow collar) and his loony brother Pablo in residence (they were from the Los Mewchachos litter.) I was giving them probiotic from a syringe, which they really really liked, and although Javier had already had his, he came along to see if there were any remnants to lick off of Pablo’s face. This picture kills me.

Slapjack knows it’s #Thlurrrpsday and thlurrrps accordingly.

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Kitten play time! It’s always kitten play time. Well, I guess unless it’s kitten chow time or kitten sleep time. But there’s a lot of playing.

That is one loaded cat tree.

Good night innernet. (Permanent resident Charlie, who is impossibly beautiful.)

Look who’s 9 weeks old today! Left to right we have: Whist, Pinochle, Slapjack, Rummy, Fizzbin and Uno! (I can’t believe they’re 9 weeks old already!)

Mama Canasta, in case you hadn’t heard, is now AVAILABLE for adoption. Email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org for more info!

Canasta (date of birth: 7/10/19) came to Forgotten Felines in early January. She’d been left behind at an apartment complex by her owners and was pregnant. When she came to us, we thought she still had a few more weeks before she gave birth, but she got impossibly huge and made us wait an amazing 47 days before she gave birth to 6 very healthy kittens on February 26th.

Canasta is very much a people-lover. She comes running over as soon as she sees you, and loves to climb into your lap for cuddles. She loves to be petted and kissed, and likes being held on her back and cuddled like a baby. Even when she’s had her fill of cuddles, she doesn’t go very far before she flops down for a nap. She loves to be around people and hates a closed door. She’s very vocal and loves to “talk” to you or herself. She’s a super playful girl and loves to chase toys – she especially loves ping pong balls and sparkle balls and has a special fondness for toys with feathers attached. She needs another cat to play with, but she can be a little forward, doesn’t hesitate to smack another cat who gets too close, so any new friends need to be the sort who can stand up to her or just ignore her when she gets rude.

If Canasta seems like your kind of kitty, email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire. We are located in Huntsville, Alabama, and adopters are required to come here to complete the adoption.

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Rummy picking a fight with mama… and then racing away while Canasta sits with her foot in the air. AS SHE DOES.

Uno says “PAWS UP, Y’ALL!”

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Best toy ever, apparently! It certainly has the Fizzbin POP! of approval.

(Permanent resident) Archie wonders… “How YOU doin’?”

I feel like I’m catching a little attitude from Whist and Uno here. Or like I interrupted an important meeting.

Good night innernets. (Slapjack)

Watch ’em grow! Uno and Slapjack at newborn, 2 weeks old, 5 weeks old, and 9 weeks old (yesterday). Uno is currently the smallest Cardshark at 2 pounds, 4 ounces. And Slapjack weighs 2 pounds, 12 ounces, which makes him the biggest kitten. (Fizzbin lost her title!)

Watch ’em grow! Pinochle and Whist at newborn, 2 weeks old, 5 weeks old, and 9 weeks old (yesterday). Both Pinochle and Whist weighed in at 2 pounds, 8 ounces yesterday, which puts them solidly in the middle of the litter, weight-wise.

Watch ’em grow! Rummy and Fizzbin at newborn, 2 weeks old, 5 weeks old, and 9 weeks old (yesterday). Rummy is currently the second-smallest (after Uno) at 2 pounds, 5 ounces. Fizzbin is the second largest (after Slapjack) at 2 pounds, 10 ounces.

Remember Thursday’s Throw Back Thursday pic of Javier and Pablo? Well, this is what Pablo (who is now Rocky) looks like now, left. He was adopted with Diego (who is now Flint), and look how awesomely floofy they are! That’s a whole lotta cute. (Thanks Callie!)

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That startle jump at the beginning KILLS me.

(Permanent residents) Jake, Charlie and Newt have some quiet bonding time.

Good night innernets. (Fizzbin is such a lap kitten.)


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