5-2-19 Thursday

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Happy Thlurrrpsday from this cutie in a box.

Please note that Charles appears to have some extra tabby legs.

Laura’s all “No, lady. He sleepin’. You kiss him later.”

Warning: kitten cannot hold his licker. (Albert, licking the blanket to celebrate Thlurrrpsday.)

Albert’s still got a tiny bit of blue around the outside of his iris. (That’s Almanzo back there, looking grumpy.)

Smilin’ Almanzo.

Almanzo’s grumpy face is cracking me up.

Did I mention that it’s Thlurrrpsday? (Mary)

Willie chortling at his own joke.

It’s rare when you catch a picture of a kitten at the exact moment a thought strikes him, but here you go. I don’t know what thought Almanzo is having, but he seems to think it’s one worth considering.

And one last thlurrrp for you, courtesy of Mary.


Alice has just about had it with Dewey’s nonsense, I think.


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5-2-19 Thursday — 11 Comments

  1. Your captions are so witty. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face every morning. I love to get my kitten fix.

  2. I have a fantastic idea! Why don’t you and Fred keep Caroline and Charles and add them to your family?

  3. I heartily second that motion from Karen!! What a lovely addition to your family that would be.

  4. The extra set of tabby legs cracked me up.

    Looking back at the previous year posts: DORFY! And the floofilicious Cajuns. Eeeee all over again.

  5. The picture of Willie chortling looks like a school picture from Grade 1 !!

    ” Now Willie gives us a nice smile for your Mom and Dad. ”
    ” Willie I said a nice smile ! let’s try again !”

  6. Help on the litter box front, please! I am going in for shoulder surgery in a few weeks, and then I will have to do all chores one-handed for at least a month. The one issue I am having is that my current litter – Dr. Elsely’s – which I like very much, produces cement-like clumps that stick hard to the litter pan and I need to scrape off the floor of the pan. Any suggestions of other clumping litter that is not as difficult to scoop? I would appreciate all suggestions. Any other workaround? I really don’t want to go to an automatic litter box (been there, done that, got the scars). Thanks!!!

  7. Inquiring minds have to know: what is the maximum # of kittens you’ve ever napped with? Do they really stay asleep or do they start pouncing on you after 10 minutes?