5-1-19 Wednesday

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Guess what day it is? Yes, it’s the day the Half Pints turn 11 weeks old (!), but it’s also the day Khaleesi gave birth to her Dragons back in 2013!

(I cannot even believe it’s been SIX YEARS.)

Though she didn’t give birth to him, she was mother to a little orphaned kitten who needed her, and who we slipped in to the crate while she was still in the midst of having her own kittens. I’m talking about Norbert – Norbie – of course.

(I bet Khaleesi still wakes up in the middle of the night and stares at the ceiling trying to figure out where that 5th kitten came from. You can read the whole birthin’ story here.)

Here is that sweet boy today!

Kirsten says: Norbert sends love on his birthday. As you can see he still adores his Mousie which made the journey all the way from Alabama. Grateful to all the foster mamas and papas out there, especially Khaleesi, Robyn and Fred. He’s still my lovebug.

LOVE that boy! (Thanks, Kirsten!)


Albert looks very amused, doesn’t he?

I love how Laura’s casually climbing up that scratcher.

Almanzo, up close.

Mary with attitude (in the middle of tearing apart a peacock feather.)

Willie looks like he needs a nap.

Laura swings! She misses! She doesn’t seem to care, though.

Albert, mid-fall. And showing us the goods!

Albert (left) and Willie, thinkin’ about havin’ a nap.

Line ’em up! Left to right: Albert, Almanzo, Laura, Mary, Willie. (Hey, I just realized they lined themselves up in alphabetical order. Cool!)


Archie shows off his Ears of Annoyance. He is so over my nonsense.


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5-1-19 Wednesday — 9 Comments

  1. I think in retrospect khaleesi knew that she was being had, but couldn’t resist that little any more than the rest of us.

    So happy to see the little pesto face! Thank you Kirsten.

  2. Great Norbert update! Still my favorite part of that story Robyn, is “birthing goop”.

  3. Norbie! I love that boy and his story. And I cannot believe that was 6 years ago!!!!

  4. Norbie <3 Happy birthday bud! and thank you to Kirsten for taking such good care of him.

  5. What, six years!? Incredible. Just re-read that dramatic story – that door hook!! What was Fred thinking 😀

    The Half Pints are little geniuses, is what they are, lining themselves up like that!

    Archie 🙂

  6. I’d be very surprised if Khaleesi remembers them, TBH, but it’s still funny to think about. He’s become quite the handsome cat, hasn’t he?

  7. Love updates, thank you! So glad he’s doing so well, and how can 6 years have gone by? (how can today be May 1st when Christmas was last week??! ha!)
    The cuteness of this family…

  8. Happy Birthday Norbie!!!

    Well of course they lined themselves up in alphabetical order! They are little 11-week old geniuses after all.

    Archie makes me happy.