4-30-19 Tuesday

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Some days it seems like getting a picture of all 11 of the kittens in Ryder’s Fleet was easier than getting these 5 to all look in the same general direction. (That’s probably just my faulty memory, though.)

Willie thinks he’s funny.

Laura’s got her eye on the prize.

Willie checks to see if Pa needs a snuggle.

We sure do have a lot of track toys in this house. Luckily, the kittens love ’em!

Mama and Almanzo.

“NO, I BITE YOU FACE!” (Mary and Almanzo)

I thought Mary was going to jump on Almanzo (and it kinda looks like Almanzo thought that, too), but she just hopped on over.

Like father…

…like son. (Almanzo)


Alice Mo sure does love her some sunshine.

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4-30-19 Tuesday — 3 Comments

  1. Oh man these guys are funny! And how cute is that track toy?

    The Half-Pints are a really good mix of the tabby rainbow goodness. You pretty much have every shade represented!

  2. Mine love track toys, too. Good thing for me, I spend less time fishing toys out from under furniture. Of course, I must admit to an impending sense of doom — one of mine is smart enough to flush the toilet for her entertainment and has figured out about persistence of objects — she’ll smack a toy under the door and run around and retrieve it from the other side.