5-13-21 Thursday

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Fred’s book, which came out on Kindle in March, is NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK. Go here to order it!

As mentioned: IT IS HORROR. It is occasionally GRAPHIC. Do not come crying to me if it gives you nightmares. I think it’s good (I say, with the caveat that OF COURSE I’M GOING TO SAY THAT), but I happen to like horror.


Smug little faces (Pinochle, Whist and Uno.)

Whist has a complaint, and her complaint is that she ran out of black lipstick when she was putting it on.

Trying a little too hard to look innocent, Pinochle my love.

Whist and Rummy have a snuggle – and a photobomb from Fizzbin.


When I take the onesie off her, the first thing she does is take a long, long bath.

Checking out Uncle Charlie.

Atop the big cat tree in my room.

Balancing act.

Rummy says “Mine.”

Charlie’s been around the kittens a lot more in the past few days, and what’s surprising to me is that Canasta is perfectly chill about having him around, whether she’s wearing the onesie or not. Which makes me wonder if the process of her milk drying up has an impact on her hormones, so she’s calmer – or maybe less protective of her kittens. In any case, she doesn’t have any problems with Charlie at this point, so he can go upstairs whenever he wants now. The kittens are still a bit uncertain of him, but I don’t think it’ll be long before they’re playing.


Archie says “Sorry, lady. No room on this bed for you!”


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