5-13-20 Wednesday

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Would you like to meet our new fosters? You know you would! But first, some backstory.

A skunk had been coming into someone’s garage, so they baited a trap with berries and set it in their garage. It very quickly caught the culprit – only instead of it being a skunk, it was a very hungry, very thin long haired black and white cat who was horribly matted. She’d dug so hard at the fur under her chin that she had an awful looking wound there. When Michelle got her, she and Brittany started shaving the matted fur off. Brittany noticed that this was no ordinary cat, this was a PREGNANT cat. So pregnant, in fact, that 10 minutes later she went into labor!

When all was said and done, she gave birth to 6 kittens on April 11th.

As you can see, they didn’t get much of her fur shaved off before she went into labor; they shaved the rest a few days later.

I suggested, since it was the day before Easter, that they name her Bunny. And they did!

Bunny wasn’t producing much milk at first, so the kittens had to be supplement-fed with bottles for a few weeks. Unfortunately, the smallest kitten, who was struggling from the beginning, passed away after a few days.

The kittens gained a little friend for a while.

Scout (the much bigger tabby in the middle) didn’t want to be alone. He has since gone to become best friends with another FF kitten, Scarlett, and Bunny was like “SEEYA.”

Bunny needed a little more space than she had at Michelle’s house, so it was decided she and her kittens should come here. Unfortunately, the night before last, the smallest kitten, Peter Cottontail (an absolutely gorgeous little house panther with a smokey undercoat), passed away. The remaining 4 kittens are doing great – to be honest, Bunny was in such rough shape when they got her that it’s kind of amazing these 4 kittens are doing so well. If you’re on Facebook, you may have been following along on the Bunny and her Kits page.

So. Wanna meet them? You know you do!

Dilute calico (girl) Lola Bunny.

Tortie (girl) Honey Bunny.

Skeptical house panther (boy) Benjamin Bunny.

And gray and white tuxie boy Bugs Bunny.

Bunny’s fur is starting slowly to grow in, but the wound under her chin is taking its sweet time to heal. It looks MUCH better than it did, but has a way to go – and needs daily cleaning and redressing. It’s in an awkward location, so it’s hard to keep it covered, but we’ll do the best we can. As her kittens get older and start to eat on their own, hopefully Bunny can retain some of the nutrients she’s expending feeding them and will heal faster. (She has been tested and is FIV and FeLV negative.)

Gorgeous girl.

She looks baleful in her pictures, but she is super sweet.

She’s a lapcat, and the first time I ever saw her, a week ago when Isabella’s kittens were being spayed and neutered, she climbed into my lap for a snuggle. She’s a bit hormonal and touchy, so when she’s done with your nonsense, she’s done. Fortunately she’s already scheduled for her spay – a week from today – and once that’s past her hormones can start settling down.

Right now she’s a little nervous about her new situation, but once she’s adjusted to the sounds of the house, I think she’ll be happy. The kittens are 4 1/2 weeks old, so I’ll be setting out litter boxes later today. Lola, Honey, and Benjamin aren’t sure what they think about me, but Bugs is a little talker and has already ventured out of the crate. He seems to be making an early bid to be Da BAYbee, but we’ll see.

Bunny is estimated to be about 3 years old. And yes, it is entirely possible that some of these kittens will be floofy, but it’s too early to tell for certain.

In a quick search the other night, I discovered that a group of wild rabbits is known as a Fluffle, and could that be any more perfect? So now we have The Fluffles.

(If you thought the 12 weeks we had Isabella’s kittens here went by quickly, just watch this next 8 weeks go by in a blur!)


“What you MEAN there are more kittens in this house? No one checked with ME.”


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5-13-20 Wednesday — 18 Comments

  1. I hesitate to ask, but six minus one is… four? I’m so happy for this rescued family in any case!

  2. Looking forward to watching this beauty and her babies bloom! Welcome to Heaven, where all your food wishes come true! So beautiful!

  3. Those WHISKERS! Those EYEBROWS! I can’t wait for her fur to grow in! Another bunch of (possible) floofers! This slays me as I have always had short-haired, sleek cats. And I love the names!

  4. I have a cat named Bunny and she’s the total package. I can’t wait to watch this gorgeous Bunny and her babies over the next couple of months!

  5. Poor Bunny. Can’t imagine how much she has gone through. Better days ahead

  6. So glad these sweethearts will be further cared for! Welcome to our wonderful family…

  7. Oh my goodness. What a sad start, but they’ve landed in the cream for sure. Here’s to them all coming out of chez Robyn and Fred happy, healthy, and ready for forever homes.

  8. Well, we won’t need collars or dabs of nail polish on this mixed coat crew.
    I can’t wait to see that lucky Bunny gain some weight and start to grow out that luxurious coat of fur.

  9. O.M.G. Bunny and her babies are soooo beautiful. And I’m so happy Bunny took the berry bait. She hit the jackpot that night. I can’t wait to see them all blossom now that they’re in good hands and gonna be loved on so hard. 😀 Everyone involved in saving these Fluffles gets a big ol’ virtual bear hug!

  10. Bunny was so lucky to be found when she was — and the Fluffles are equally luck to now be at your house! I love this little group already!

  11. For the love of Pete she looks like she was burned and her fur got singed off.

    Kind of want to put a sweater on her in the meantime so that she’s warm and her poor skin is protected. However the babies have to eat and she needs air on her skin I bet. So glad that she’s affectionate and a lap kitty. She needs a lot of cuddling!

  12. Oh my goodness, what a crew! … Poor Peter Cottontail, and the sixth kitten. 🙁 But I am still, even on second/third whatever it is now reading, laughing at the realization that oh no, that’s not a skunk, it’s a kitty! You have yourselves a bunnykittyskunk! Smells like… warm fur. 🙂

    Seriously, may lapkittyskunk Bunny and the Fluffles (the fluffy fluffles, the fluffballs?) be as loved and well cared for as I’m certain they will!