5-13-15 Wednesday

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Snack time! Everyone’s present and accounted for, except for Roseanne, who prefers to wait…

‘Til she has the whole plate to herself!

If anyone ever asks you how to tell Shecky and Skelton apart (and I know that the topic comes up just about continuously in your lives, you can’t fool me), you can tell them that Shecky (on the tree) has much more white on his chest and neck.

ALSO, Shecky has a white belly; Skelton’s belly is striped and spotted.

See? I know this is Shecky using Roseanne as a pillow, because I can see the white peeking out on the side of his neck. (Also, Skelton has more red to his coloring than Shecky does, but that doesn’t always come through in pictures, especially if there’s only one of them in the picture.)

“WOW! THAT’S THE BEST TOY EVER!” Belushi likes his toys.

I keep trying to convince these kittens to keep their blue eyes, but it’s not really working. You can see the green around Gilda’s pupils, slowly moving outward. I’ve seen this process lots of times, but it’s always fascinating to me.

Louis (in the middle) is all “Hey, you guys, stop! I need my ears!” and Rickles is all “No, we don’t have any extra kitten ears over here, we’re going to eat these!” and Skelton is all “Oh, these kitten ears are PARTICULARLY moist and tender!”

Then Louis gives Shecky’s ears a try and finds that they are, indeed, tasty.

So of course Shecky has to give Roseanne’s ears a try, and Roseanne engages the Open Mouth of Outrage.

He’s got claws, and he knows how to : : SNIK : : them.

“Hey, good-lookin’! How do I get in there?”

“Oh, just in the wall basket, hanging out on a bed of toy teddy bears, about to give Skelton’s ears a nibble. That’s all.”

It always takes me a minute to figure out who’s missing. It helps that there are two buff kittens, two orange kittens, and three darker kittens, so I just generally think “Okay, two buffs are present, two oranges are present, it’s one of the dark kittens…” It was Roseanne who was missing. She’s not standoffish, but I can see why it might seem that way from today’s pictures! Starting with Gilda and moving clockwise we’ve got: Gilda, Louis, Rickles, Belushi (flopped over Rickles), Shecky, and Skelton.

Louis was stretched out in the sun, and I got on my stomach and inched closer, which scared him and he jumped up and gave me this look. Little brat, messing up my good picture opportunities.


Video! Gilda is a mighty, mighty huntress, and if you’re thinking about looking at HER TOY, you better think again!

YouTube link.


Newt is pleased that spring is here, but not pleased that it’s making him sneezy. Can’t say as I blame him.


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5-13-15 Wednesday — 16 Comments

  1. LOVE that video!! She’s a determined little girl!! And I was thinking the same as Newt this morning, listening to both our dogs sneezing as soon as they got up and moving!

    • I think she WAS growling! I turned up the sound really loud and it was either growling or traffic going by…not sure I trust my ears…

    • Yeah, she was growling very softly, the camera didn’t pick it up very well, but I can attest that she was. Which is why everyone looked so taken aback, I think – I don’t believe I’ve heard any of the other kittens growl!

      • I watched it again and oh my goodness you are right — the bounciness of the other kittens is gone as as they all slowly back away!

  2. Laurie over at the IBKC had a Louie a while back and she called him Shrimp Louie because he was tinier than his sibs. “Our” Louis is a shrimp too!

    • I remember Shrimp Louie, too, so I have also been calling Louis “Shrimp Louis” in my mind, especially when I see him next to his larger siblings! 😀

  3. I was really askeered listening to Gilda. She caught it and she gets to keep it all to herself!

  4. IDK, that last photo of Louis is pretty awesome.. doesn’t seem messed up to me at all. Just because it wasn’t the shot you wanted, doesn’t mean it isn’t good

    • Oh, I agree that it’s a good picture, I was just disappointed that I missed the shot I wanted. Scientists have determined that it’s impossible for Louis to take a bad picture. 😉

  5. Lucy and her babies are going to bring so much joy to their families-to-be! Thanks, Robyn and Challenger’s House, for keeping them so safe, happy, and super-stimulated till that point.

    Sorry to hear about Newt’s sneeziness; if only he knew about his adorable Mini-mes upstairs.