5-12-15 Tuesday

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Louis shows off the belly. Which is perfect for huffing, if you were curious.

Skelton looks like he’s enjoying this snuggle with Roseanne, but she kinda looks like she wishes he’d vamoose.

Skelton, taking a bite out of Louis.

Paws up, y’all!

I find that after they’ve eaten, the kittens like to come lean on my leg and drop little pieces of stinky cat food on my pants. It’s not enough that I’m covered in cat fur, I gotta be covered in bits of canned food, too?

“You know you like it, lady.”

Roseanne just wants to sleep, but Shecky keeps sniffing her ears, and it’s BUGGING HER.


Gilda and Skelton haz the sleepies.

“Who, me? Nope, I wasn’t sneaking off to hang out behind the crate and sniff catnip with the other bad boys. Nope, not me!”

“I ain’t coming out there ’til you put that stupid camera away, lady!”

“This teeter totter sucks. It won’t teeter OR totter.”


Video! Louis gets BOOP’d. And Lucy comes over to see what the what.

YouTube link.


Tommy can’t decide whether he wants to sit in the sun or the shade. It’s quite the conundrum.


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5-12-15 Tuesday — 19 Comments

  1. Oh Roseanne… Boys are gross, aren’t they? Even if they are your dweeby brothers.

    Does Louis’ tummy smell like rainbows and cookies when you huff it?

  2. Regarding the kitten food on your pants – perhaps the kittens have an innate sense of etiquette (or however it’s spelled) and are trying to tell you to set out the linen napkins? I wouldn’t go so far as finger bowls though, that might get messy…
    As for Louis, I can’t decide what I love more, the general roundness of the belly, the belly spots, or the zipper. I’d be huffing that belly 24/7 – I don’t know how you get ANYTHING done.

  3. I was not prepared for the DEFCON-1 level of cuteness in that video. Highly dangerous!! I think I heard a actual EEEEEEEE! come out of my mouth. And when Mama Lucy appeared to investigate the booping of her baby, I actually awwwww’d at how Louis was all “Hi Mama! The lady is pokin’ me!”

  4. Oh gosh, Louis’ fat little belly. Also kitten ‘tocks in that last shot.

  5. Good thing I’m not any closer. I’m quite sure I’d have to have Louis. The stripes, spots, zipper and fat belly are just too much for me!

  6. I predict Louis will be adopted first-there is just something about that boy.

  7. My GAWD, the cuteness! Booping Louis looks like utter fun. (Love Lucy coming in to investigate!)

  8. Oh, and that is such a great picture of Tommy Boy sitting in the green grass. He looks…perturbed…yet cuddly. Make sense? My black cat Gandalf would get that look. He’d sit there on the couch with his “f**k you up” face, dare me to move him and when I’d squeeze on to my 4th of the couch (cuz really, what do I need a couch for?), he’d be right on my lap, purring away.

    Can’t wait for Uncle Tommy to meet the Fools!

  9. It’s not enough that I’m covered in cat fur, I gotta be covered in bits of canned food, too?

    Look, they are just trying to feed you since you never eat! you should thank them 🙂

    *re the video* Momma, Momma, she boopeded me!!!