5-11-15 Monday

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Look, look! Over the weekend, Dee found a toy very much like the one I have, that the kittens love so much! It’s not exactly the same, but it’s certainly close enough, and the kittens like it a lot, so if you want one, you can buy it here!

(Thanks, Dee!)


Belushi considers his next move.

A pileup of kittens trying to get behind the crate (and Lucy ignoring them).

They’re so casual about climbing that tree now. I guess it’s about time to move the big cat tree back in there!

Louis snoopervises Shecky’s playtime. (By the way, this is the toy I was referring to up there at the top.)

Roseanne in my lap, under Rickles’ back end. Luckily, Rickles was holding his foot up in just the right position, so I didn’t have to blur his giblets. No one wants to see THAT first thing on a Monday morning.

Louis on the scratcher, simply amazed. And amazing!

And Shecky on the scratcher, chillin’.

Naptime on the scratcher for Belushi and Skelton.

“Hi, hi! Hi Innernet Peoples, hi! It is I, Skelton!”

Louis the peanut, posing for me.

Louis is all “Hey! I can’t see nothin’!”

Skelton and Belushi. Belushi always looks like he’s ready to start trouble, doesn’t he?

Gilda, Louis, and the Open Mouth of Outrage.

“Now that I made him cry, I need to spit-shine my slappin’ paw!”

We started giving Lucy a little while out of the kitten room over the weekend. I expected that she’d be all “YES, THANK GOODNESS, FREEDOM!”, but what she actually did was leave the room, get worried, and demand to go back into the room with her kittens. She was a little more relaxed after a few more times, but she never wanted to stay out for longer than a few minutes. I guess she’ll need to work up to having some real time alone.


Video! Roseanne’s got the crazies, then she shows Rickles who the boss is. Finally, Skelton and Shecky show up for a hippity-hopping, skittering good time. Kittens are nuts, y’all.

YouTube link.


Sugarbutt’s all “I don’t CARE if it’s 80 degrees out, you turn on this electric throw right now, lady!”


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5-11-15 Monday — 23 Comments

  1. “Now that I made him cry, I need to spit-shine my slappin’ paw!” – that cracked me up!

    I wonder what kittens think (ok, if anything at all) whilst they are skittering and hippity-hopping around!?

  2. THAT video right there is my favoritist of all videos of The Fools so far. Rosanne is my favorite of the litter, so maybe that had something to do with it, but ANY kitten suddenly appearing from underneath another kitten makes for excellent kitten slapstick.

  3. Louis so has the Stompers eyes going on. He’s ridiculously cute — and both he and Rickles have an amazing stripe game going on.

  4. In the first picture, the little feet and face behind the scratcher are too cute!!

  5. Poor Lucy, she deserves a full spa day.

    Somewhere where she’ll be combed to get rid of her winter/outdoor coat, her nails trimmed and groomed, and massage/petting. A lot of massage/petting.

    Followed by long snoozes in the solarium.

    I don’t think Elizabeth Arden would do this though even though she is deserving.

    • I am so impressed. The NBA and NFL would pay good money for those skills. And can you imagine the MLB? Stealing bases that way?

      BTW, apologize to sugarbutt immediately. He does not look like a forgiving overlord.

  6. Just WHAT kind of superfantabulous whachamadiggie are you hiding behind that crate???