5-10-15 Happy Mother’s Day!

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I love how crazy-eyed they get when they play with Lucy’s tail.

“Mama! Come here! I wants to kiss you!”

I love how she’s looking up at the window shelf with the clear intention of going there to escape these hooligans.

Louis loves his mama.

Louis loves his mama a LOT.

“Come give your mama a kiss, Skelton.”


Not only is Lucy giving Louis a bath, but Louis is licking Lucy, too. Awww.

“Hiiiiii, Mama.”

Look at that look o’ love Roseanne’s giving her mama.

With the kittens sleeping, Lucy sneaks off to the scratcher for a little alone time.


Video! Louis and Roseanne REALLY love their mama.

YouTube link.


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5-10-15 Happy Mother’s Day! — 8 Comments

  1. Aw, happy Mother’s Day Lucy! Yeah, so you have butts in your face, and they try to clumsily kiss and hug you were with their claws out – not to mention they still order another round at the Milk Bar – but they sure do love you!

    Little hooligans, lol.

    • Loved, at the end, how Roseanne was “playing” with mama, but slipped in for a beer. Ha.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Lucy and Robyn! The same to all those feline mothers who no longer have to worry about having any more offspring — and to the humans who made that possible.

  3. Awww one year ago you were trying to find Dennis a home! His adoption story is one of my favorites. Love that he was home all along… <3

    • Mine, too. At first, it made you cry for poor Dennis, but then they became happy tears!