5-11-13 – Kitturday

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Holly Waterfall shared this video with me on Facebook last night and it is AWESOME so I’m sharing with y’all.

YouTube link.

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I’m calling today’s post “Cleaning out my “to post” folder!” My apologies for the fact that there are only two pictures of the dragon kittens; it’s all I have! (‘Til Monday, at least.)

Leia, scheming.

Charming, all “Who, me? What?”

Still scheming.

The Royals, all in a row. Left to right: Leia, Jareth, Buttercup, Charming, Aslan.

She’s like a cartoon kitten, and the lines of her floof are like drawn action lines.

Zombie Buttercup wants brains. Braaaaains.

Do you ever get tired of scheming, Leia?

Charming, daydreaming.

Basket o’ Buttercup.

I don’t know what secret that stuffed kitty is telling Aslan, but it looks like it’s a doozy.

“UGH! This STUPID teeter-totter will neither TEETER nor TOTTER! Someone call the REPAIRMAN!”

Cuppa Leia to start off your day?

Or would you prefer Aslan?



“UGH. This tree is SO HARD to climb. I just want to get to the top level!”


I love how casual Buttercup is. “Yup, just climbing up the cat tree!” while Leia’s all ::FUME::

Sometimes Leia is overcome and she HAS to grab Kate’s big fluffy tail. Her crazy eyes are cracking me up.

I have not one, but TWO Royals kittens videos today. In the first, they’re pretty wild (and you get to hear my generic nickname for the boy kittens.)

YouTube link.

And in the second, Aslan and Jareth are racing around like wild things, while Leia just does her best to stay out of the way.

YouTube link.

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I have no idea why Ruth is so intent on having her butt up in the air all the time, but Khaleesi doesn’t seem to mind too much. The little pink toes are killing me DEAD.

Ruth at the milk bar.

By the way – yes indeed, you are seeing eyeballs on the dragons. Ember and Scorch have both of their eyes mostly open, and the other three have varying numbers of eyes showing. I expect by Monday or Tuesday, they’ll all be open.

Here’s a video of Khaleesi, vigorously cleaning her babies, who were 8 days old when I shot the video.

YouTube link.

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Alice Mo and the Corbs, sleeping on my bed. I’m starting to think they kinda like each other!


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5-11-13 – Kitturday — 22 Comments

  1. “I will sing the song of my people” is my favorite.

    Those videos are awesome!! How your head hasn’t exploded from all the cute, I just don’t know…

  2. Stalking an insect on the wall for three days that turned out to be a thumbtack? This is how the wall in my family room came to require a patch and fresh paint. Henry Washington killed the thumbtack. 😀

  3. Leia is so gorgeous. It makes me think of that hair commercial with the girl who says, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” Still going with my bet that Leia is the first to be adopted. Loved the videos…thanks for this Saturday post.

  4. I love how in the first video Charming just sits there and guards the feather toy – this is mine and you shall not have! He’s too awesome for words.

  5. I have tried to photo some kittens for Fitchburg Animal Shelter, and getting full-face shots was impossible! How DO you do it? especially when they’re bouncing like popcorn….What a supercute bunch! For true royalness, you need a shot of them cutting a ribbon for a shopping center or a cat toy factory….

      • Connie’s right, I probably delete 75% of the pictures I take. I download pictures every couple of days and there are regularly 1,000 or more to look through.

        It’s easiest to get full face shots when they’re either just waking up or about to fall asleep. When they’re bouncing around like wild things, it’s pretty much impossible!

  6. Cuteness abounds today. Glad you liked that video I sent. I don’t know who made it but a friend passed it on to me and it was too good not to share again.

  7. If I were a kitten, I would love to play in that room. all the exciting toys and all the heights. Wow, what fun.

  8. Dang, they grow up so fast.

    I went to visit my family last night and came home with a kitten. It’s only a temporary situation–my niece and nephew found the kitten out on a dirt road, while they were riding their bikes–and I brought him home to foster him until he gets bigger and stronger. They think he’s about 8 weeks old, but I think he’s closer to the Royals’ age. He was starving and dehydrated when they found him, and has done nothing but eat, drink, and purr since I brought him home. He’s solid black and they named him Black Jack. He’s a love machine and I know I am going to get so attached to him. My hands and arms are already covered with teeny kitty scratches.

  9. those kittens seem to be in an awful hurry to get….somewhere. 🙂

  10. “Kittens are born with their eyes closed. They open them in about two weeks, take a look around, and then close them again for the better part of their natural lives.” 😀

  11. Robyn……..you survived…….you got a picture of the Royals all facing you !!! It turned out perfect. Another great picture for a pillow !!!
    Ruth is demonstrating her beginner gymnastic moves. Watch out she may turn out to be quite the little acrobat. There will be no stopping her once she gets truly mobile !!
    Corbie and Alice Mo may like each other a bit more than before but I really do think it is because they LOVE your bed !!!!

  12. Leia attacking Kate’s tail: Zombie kittens need tails.. taaaailllllsssssss

  13. hover kitten hovers..

    and i think the not TEETER nor TOTTER is actually a board meeting..