5-6-21 Thursday

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It’s time!

Forgotten Felines of Huntsville is now accepting applications for the Cardsharks kittens!

Left to right: Rummy (f), Fizzbin (f), Pinochle (m), Slapjack (m), Uno (f) and Whist (f).

Email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at INFO (at) FFHSV.ORG to inquire!


The Queen, her minion, and their catnip baguette.

Fizzbin (here with Rummy) has an opinion.

Slapjack with attitude.

Whist gives Fizzbin a bath.

That’s a full lap, for sure. All 6 kittens AND Canasta!

Such a sweet mama.

Uno’s coming over to see what I’m doing.


Julie atop the scratcher, Hensley coming through the tunnel.

Julie’s all “What doin’, weird lady?”

Hensley from above.


Dewey does not approve of me sneaking up on him to get a picture.


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