5-6-19 Monday

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If you were a Love & Hisses reader last fall, you remember this little face.

LoJack showed up in someone’s outside dryer vent, all alone, and came to us to join Ryder’s kittens (I always consider him one of Ryder’s Fleet, even though Ryder was very “UM NO THANK YOU” about him, and he didn’t really join them until she left here and went to Steve’s house to be fostered.) For the first week or so, until Ryder left, he stayed in my bedroom, and spent his nights curled up against my neck, purring like crazy.

Well, he’s now Dino, and here is that sweet boy today!

Pamela reports that he and his sister Coco are great friends. He’s going to be a big boy – not even a year old yet – and he’s helping keep Coco young! He’s still a neck-sleeper, and when he purrs he drools a bit. How cute is that?

Don’t you love seeing that sweet face again? (Thank you, Pamela!)


Play time on and around the ham-mick. (Albert on the floor, Mary in the ham-mick.)

Willie balancing on the edge of a giant donut playing with a toy (as you do) and Caroline approaching for some petting.

I love this shot.

Carrying the mouse to another part of the room so that his siblings can be envious of his cool toy. (Not that there aren’t about 3,000 other toy mice scattered around the upstairs, of course.)

But then he lost the mouse to Laura, who thought that on the giant donut was, indeed, the best place for mouse-playing.

Then she knocked over the little tree and was quite pleased with herself.

Willie. Look at those pretty eyes!

“Why’s your socks on inside-out, lady?” Mary wonders.

Mary considers making a grab for that toy mouse.

Almanzo makes a grab for Pa, who is just too darned fast.

And Albert stayed out of the fray.


Oh, that Khal.


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5-6-19 Monday — 9 Comments

  1. Every time you post a picture of Khal, I think….he is just THE handsomest boy. What a stunner! Does he know it?

  2. wonderful pics of Dino. Love him all snugly with his big sis, thank you Pamela!

  3. Aww… glad to see LoJack/Dino doing so well!! What a cutie.

    Also — love the blurry outline of Caroline’s ears as she comes in for the pettin’ — what with the amazing Willie balancing on the donut, I didn’t actually even notice it, but after reading the caption… of course!

  4. Look at the size of Khal’s leg/paw!

    Aw, Dino! What a great name for him; you’re right, it is awesome seeing how happy and healthy your former fosters are. 🙂

    And these babies…*sigh*

  5. Awww, LoJack / Dino! He’s a happy boy with a great home. (Pamela, I covet your sink.)

    Is it me or are we starting to see some lanky going on with these kittens?