5-7-19 Tuesday

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As mentioned last week, it has SOMEHOW been 6 years since Khaleesi gave birth to her kittens and also took on the care of little orphaned kitten Norbie. This is what she looked like 6 years ago.

Well, here is our girl today!

Alton says: Khaleesi would like to wish her kittens a belated happy birthday. It was good to see Norbs a few days ago.

Her Majesty continues to be her usual playful and bossy self. Here she is reminding me that the chair needs to be positioned in front of the open window, not next to it.

She and Lily continue to get along if they are far away from each other…

“You bet your a** I’m queen of the mountain.”

Or they are asleep on top of me.

Don’t you just love seeing that girl’s sweet face again? She looks so happy! (Thanks, Alton!)


Laura, up close.

Toes through whiskers is my favorite emotion.

Pretty Mama.

Almanzo and the Rough Life.

Willie’s got his serious face on.

Caroline is just SO gorgeous, isn’t she?

Willie regards the mouse.

(Not-so) Tiny Albert in the Tiny Basket.

Caroline loves to flop down on this scratcher and watch the kitten play.

Willie’s got the crazy eyes!

Laura’s got a tiny complaint.


“What?” Newt in the pot of catnip, doin’ his thing.


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5-7-19 Tuesday — 5 Comments

  1. Laura’s complaints don’t look minor, judging by the screamy look on her face! Lol, what a doll, I’m sure she gets everything she wants.

    Norbie! Khaleesi! I loved that litter…

    And Newties just made my day with his handsome face.

  2. Hey Robyn – have Charles and/or Caroline met your permanent residents? How do you think they would get on in an adoptive home that had other cats in it?

    • Fred’s been bringing Charles downstairs (on a harness) in the evening for 10 or 15 minutes for the past week or so. He was growly toward the other cats at first, and has calmed down a lot. It’s hard to know for sure – with the kittens in the house, even though they’re not downstairs with him, I think he still feels protective. I believe that, if introduced very slowly and given enough time, they’d adjust fine.

  3. Thank you .Alton, always so good to see her grace reigning so well.

    Love her sleeping on her warm throne, so snug!