5-7-15 Five weeks old!

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The Fools are five weeks old today! And, as practically-grown kitties, they’ve decided that they are OVER my desire to take their pictures, and they refused to let me dangle them from one hand while trying to take their picture with the other. UGH, BRATS.

So, I’m just going to post a picture of each of them this week and maybe for next week I can get Fred to lend me a hand for some progress pictures of the wiggly little monkeys.


~THLURRRP~ Gilda, having just finished eating, finds getting the remnants of food off her face more important than posing for me.

Louis was rolling around adorably in the sun, and when I moved closer, it startled him and he jumped to his feet and stared at me. I really just want to squoosh this boy.

Rickles was all “You may take a picture of my big ol’ fuzzy head, but NOT MY FEET.”

Roseanne kept saying “Are we done? Are we done? Can I go play? Are we done?” And then I kissed her 75 times.

Not the greatest picture of Shecky, but his face and his lean are cracking me UP.

Okay, Skelton gave me a nice pose. He’s a good boy!

Lucy, shutting down access to the milk bar for a while.

I weighed them all yesterday, and was not really surprised to find that Rickles is still the biggest, though I wasn’t expecting him to blow by 1 1/2 pounds quite so soon. He’s at 1 pound, 9 ounces. Louis passed the “tiniest” torch to Roseanne (he only outweighs her by .3 ounce, though). Shecky, Belushi and Skelton are all around 1 pound, 6 ounces, and Gilda’s at 1 pound, 5 ounces.

I was pleased to see that Lucy has put on a few ounces over the past week, which I am sure is due in part to the fact that her kittens are eating on their own more and more.

You can see their weight chart at the bottom of their page, here.


Louis, keeping an eye on the other kittens and their shenanigans.

Skelton, keeping an eye on those same shenanigans, from across the room. (I am FINALLY learning to tell Skelton and Shecky apart when they’re not in the same picture!)

Roseanne figured out how to climb the cat tree AND get back down, and now everyone’s doing it!

They adore this toy so very much. If they’re not batting at or biting the mouse on the top, they’re knocking it over and bunny kicking it.

Skelton and Gilda, pretty much ready for naptime.

At first, I wondered how Rickles was keeping his voluptuous figure when I never saw him belly up to the snack plate, but then I realized that he waits for everyone else to finish eating, and he climbs onto the plate and eats the leftovers. ALL of them.

“I gots to stay manly and strong, lady!”

Roseanne, thinkin’ about floofin’.

It takes a lot of licking to keep those toebeans clean.

Rickles, semi-floofed.

Roseanne and Shecky, settling in for a sunny nap.

Clockwise from Lucy, we have: Lucy, Skelton, Louis, Shecky, Gilda and Belushi. Rickles was waiting ’til everyone else was done, and Roseanne is really not all that interested in the canned food, though she’s tried it a few times.

“I likes what I likes, and I doesn’t like what I doesn’t like!”


Videos! In the first one, Gilda’s got her crazy on.

YouTube link.

And in the second, there’s a whole lotta hippity hop going on.

YouTube link.


Archie: man on the move.


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5-7-15 Five weeks old! — 22 Comments

  1. Oh man Shecky, you are just the funniest little dude. Louis is reminding more and more of the Stomperama, especially the in the photo above and the one from yesterday (?) where he’s lying on his back in the sun.

  2. hahaha… the uncoordinated hippity hops crack me up

    (That’s a beautiful picture of Archie!)

  3. Do you remember what that toy is with the mouse on top? Because 74 toys is not enough for my only cat. She needs another one. No, really.

    • Me too. I needed some kind of ‘decor thingy’ to put on one side of our fireplace. I ended up with a nice basket from At Home and it is now the toy basket. There is a squeaky toy in there that goes to town every time Petey McStompersons (real name) sharpens his paws ( no claws) on it. the basket is full and probably represents a couple hundred dollars of revenue for the pet shops.

  4. Great photos again today Robyn. Thanks. I think this group is just one of the best. I love the names. And I just love the gang crowding together under the S scratcher.
    Question – what type of scale do you have for the weigh ins? I want to get one but they are pricey and I want to get one that works well. I am trying to keep track of my older lady’s weight as she is getting skinnier and also track Hamilton Buddahscotch’s girth. I think he has lost a tiny bit since he discovered he can jump on the kitchen island. That is his workout.

  5. I love these little chipmunks!!! Shecky’s facial expression is priceless. Whenever I give my husband an update, I refer to them as the “Alabama 7”, but he insists on calling them the “Alabama Septs” as in septuplets…like the Arizona Quints in Raising Arizona. Yeah, we need to get out more.

  6. Where did those long tails come from all of a sudden?

    Our babies are growing so fast!!

  7. With every photo, I think to myself, That one’s my favorite! But I am sure of one thing at least: Archie is paws-down the most interesting cat in the world!