5-8-15 Friday

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What type of scale do you have for the weigh ins? I want to get one but they are pricey and I want to get one that works well. I am trying to keep track of my older lady’s weight as she is getting skinnier and also track Hamilton Buddahscotch’s girth. I think he has lost a tiny bit since he discovered he can jump on the kitchen island. That is his workout.

Time to weigh in!

The scale I use for the kittens – in the picture above – is one I bought back in 2009ish, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what brand it is. There’s nothing at all on the scale itself, except for a “made in China” sticker on the bottom.

However, the scale I keep downstairs so that I can weigh permanent residents (yes, I DO have two scales in this house meant solely to weigh cats) is a Health-O-Meter baby scale. They’re $42 at Amazon, which I don’t think is a bad price at all. Also, easy to use!


Do you remember what that toy is with the mouse on top? Because 74 toys is not enough for my only cat. She needs another one. No, really.

That is actually a one-of-a-kind, handmade toy. One of the other Challenger’s House foster moms gave it to me because she rarely has little kittens (someone – I think a family member – had made it and given it to her). I have to say that it’s really well put together and holds up nicely under all the abuse it gets!


I made a graph of the kittens’ weights!

That is really neat – thanks, Sophie!


erm how did you know it was a Male racoon..not that it really matters, I’m just curious. like I know you can tell from colors of birds if its male/female

Oh, I have no idea if it’s male or female, I just defaulted to “he.” As far as I know, male and female raccoons look alike, and I’m not asking to see his or her back end so I can know for sure. 😉


Where do G&G hang out when it rains?

There’s a sheltered section at the front of the coop, where the feeders are, and there’s plenty of room for them under there. In the winter if it’s cold and rainy, they’ll go into the coop and hang out, and they can actually go into the shelter in the pig yard, since we don’t have pigs this year. But more often than not, I’ll look outside when it’s raining and see them just sitting there in the middle of the back forty, enjoying the rain.


What *do* the kittens and Lucy think of Fred? I don’t think you’ve mentioned it.

Oh, they ADORE HIM, of course. He doesn’t spend as much time with them as I do (it hurts his back to sit on the floor for too long), so when he does go in there, it’s like he’s the exciting NEW THING, and they all rush over to him for attention. Ingrates!


Update on the former Mr. Stripey:

Mr Stripey is now known as Gladstone Cairy (after a dearly departed friend), Cairy for short. Reacher’s drama was short-lived, and he and Cairy are getting along great! Not yet snuggle buddies but I think that’ll come. Cairy is a weaver of epic proportion & loves winding around big dog Rosie’s legs. He’s eating & drinking great, peeing & pooping in the boxes (no accidents) and has easily made himself at home.

This is awesome!


I would like to point out, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, that Rickles has rather large paws for a boy his age. I might have to go out on a limb here and predict he’s going to be a big fella. Any of the others have big feet, or is he the only one?

Shecky and Skelton both have really big feet. The girls and Belushi and Louis all have smaller feet, so I’m thinking that Shecky, Skelton and Rickles are going to be BIG.


Robyn, did you see the IKEA kitty condo thing on Cute Overload? I immediately thought of your rescues…

I did, and I love it!


Do kittens sometimes suck on their toes like a baby will suck its thumb? Because Louis, with his foot in his mouth, just kills me.

Roland answered this one for me: In short, yes – here’s Angelo from one of last year’s litters.

Not only did Angelo suck on his own toe, but when he’d get going, a couple of the other kittens would run over and join in. It was just about the sweetest thing ever!


Oh, and btw? There is something so completely adorable about using fleece baby blankies for the kittens. The one you have on the front porch of their condo with the little ducks and froggies just seems so fitting for these little kitten babies!

I LOVE using baby blankets with kittens – I have a whole pile of them in the closet!


Shecky gets his ~thlurrp!~ on.

So does Louis.

And Gilda. Do you get the impression that they just finished eating?

They’re starting to discover the mirrors.

Roseanne, waiting for someone to come along so she can grab onto them and BITE.

Belushi’s feelin’ pouty.

I’m not sure what that look on Skelton’s face is about.

Oh, maybe Shecky was running his way. That’s Shecky on top, and Skelton doing the biting (or trying to, anyway).

Oh, that Louis. How he loves bathing in the sun!

Something startled him, so he got up and thought about hiding behind the crate.

“I wasn’t skeered! I just felt like sitting up! And seeing what’s behind the crate!”

Skelton, also not skeered.

“Quit sharpening your claws on the side of the crate! You’re going to put holes in it, and then you won’t have anywhere to hide when you’re NOT skeered of something!”


Video! Rickles has gone completely nuts. If you watch nothing else, you have GOT to watch it at the 14-second mark. It makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.

YouTube link.


Miz Poo, refusing to look my way.


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  1. Happy Friday!!! The video… I keep watching and rewatching… the ‘jazz handed somersault’ gets me EVERY time… definitely snort worthy – I can’t help it.. every single time I watch it. Have a great weekend!

    • “Jazz-handed somersault” is an awesome description! It gets me every time I watch it, too, even though I know it’s coming now after 17 viewings… 😀

      • I think the description makes it funnier..
        or is that more funny?

        anyway.. perfect description. I love it when they aren’t sure how their legs work

  2. That’s a lovely pic of the Poo nonetheless. And such good news about Gladstone Cairy. As for Rickles’s gymnastics: too marks, young man!

  3. Oh that video makes my day! Someone upthread called it a jazz handed somersault – perfect!!

  4. I think he scared himself with the jazz-handed somersault! Stinkin’ cute!

  5. The scale looks like a Zieis. We use one with 30lb capacity at my shelter to weigh cats, but ours has a flatter aluminum surface. I like it but it’s a little “tippy” sometimes and doesn’t automatically shut off so the battery runs down. Ours is from amazon!

  6. I am so pleased that Cairy is making his new home, well, his.

    Now I’m curious though, how big is Buddascotch these days?

    Also, is Shelton cross-eyes? Maybe it’s just that shot but he looks like he’s looking at two different things in two different direcitons.

    • Buddahscotch was 19.07 pounds at his last weigh in. Some ( my evil sister) seem to think he is over 20 pounds at this point but I insist he is under 20 lbs. He was 12 pounds when we adopted him June 28 2014. So he has mad eating skills. He is my first orange boy and he has a wonderful personality like I have always read about the big orange boys.

      • That’s almost double his weight! I get the concern but if he’s been fixed that could be part of it too.

        I had a similiar situation where I’d sneak the old lady cat some canned food to keep her weight up.

        • I think a lot of it was related to finally having a steady diet and a secure home. He is crazy loving and socialized so I know he had a home earlier, or at least took to living at the shelter really well. But when we first adopted him he ran to the food bowl anytime someone or some cat moved. Now that he feels secure that behavior has stopped and I believe he has lost a little weight. No way to restrict his eating as there are 4 furbots in the house and the others eat the same food in an open feeding type situation. Hamitoes ( another of his names) runs around the house like a madman, which is amazing considering he has a bum leg that causes him to limp when he walks. But it does not stop him from running at top speed. My sis claims he is faking it…

  7. The video is cute but if any of you readers have NOT read the 2012 entry you absolutely MUST click on the link and go back to read about Hannibal the frog AKA Anthony Frogkins!

  8. YAY for Cairy!! Love those updates.

    The tongues kill me….I want to pull gently and see if their ears come together on top of their head (OK, I wouldn’t do that, but the image is cute)

  9. Oh, I laughed repeatedly at that somersault. and then shared the video with 1/2 my office so they could smile also!

    I had read the 2012 entry, but forgotten how funny it was. What I’ve ALWAYS wondered though is what Fred did when he came home and saw the size of that froggy. I’m not afraid of frogs, and generally don’t mind picking them up, but that one was HUGE (granted because of perspective there’s some difference in size – but it totally looks bigger than Miss Poo’s head in that picture.)

    • As I recall, he just picked it up and took it outside. He’s not as nervous about that sort of thing as I am. (Though to be honest, if it happened now I’d probably just push it into a bucket and carry it outside. I’ve become less squeamish since we moved to this house!)

  10. Miz Poooooooooooo! So glad to see her. How’s she doing? And super cute kitties as always. Thanks for the update on the kitty formerly known as Mr. Stripey. I’m so glad he’s finally found his home.

    • She is doing well! She totters around, comes and sneezes in my face at TV time, and will still leap upward if you reach down to pick her up. She’s slowing down, but still chugging along.

  11. Just thinking about Hannibal the Frog….How did he get into your house?

    • All I can guess is that one of the cats brought it in. I don’t know how they carried that thing, but I can’t imagine any other way it got inside, and up to the second floor!

  12. What a funny video. The sideways hop got me..best laugh I’ve had today. 😀
    And Miz Poo! Day is complete! (Please give her a hug and kiss for me..)

  13. So do we formally need to request that the Jazz hand somersault video be added to the “best of” page? If yes then consider it requested!

  14. You need an animated GIF of just Rickles’ tumbling exhibition. He looked at you for a second like, “Did you see what I just did??”