5-8-14 – TBT

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Look what happened Tuesday night!

Yay, Maria! That leaves Orlando, Angelo, and Mariette still at Petsmart. Hopefully they’ll all go home SOON.


Throwback Thursday: Spot.

We said goodbye to Spot in 2008, when he was 15 years old.

He was part of the Old Guard (Tubby, Spanky, Fancypants and Miz Poo), and he didn’t particularly care for other cats, but he tolerated them.

This picture is from shortly after we moved into this house. We didn’t have the fence up around the back yard, and so the cats weren’t allowed outside. This is Spot’s “This is not fair, lady” face. (Bonus photobomb from Mister Boogers’s tail.)

He was such a gentleman, that Spot.

We, unfortunately, don’t have any kitten pictures of him. He was a kitten long before digital cameras, and Fred didn’t take many pictures with a film camera (I… actually don’t think he HAD a film camera.)

His story is that he showed up on the patio of Fred’s apartment as a very scared kitten. Fred managed to make friends with him, and then hauled him off to be vetted and neutered.

Santa Spot.

“Not liking this ridiculousness, lady.” (That’s a young Sugarbutt in the bed with him.)

Spot was a super skittish boy for most of his life. But once he reached a certain age, it was like he thought “I’m not dead yet. Maybe strangers won’t hurt me!” and while he wouldn’t seek attention from strangers, he also wouldn’t run and hide.

He was just the sweetest boy!


Tricki and Dennis, saying hello.

Tricki flirting with the feather(less) teaser.

“Put down that camera and pet me, lady!”

Livia in the window.

And having Deep Thoughts.

She is just such a sweet, pretty girl.

“I don’t get why that Thomas guy keeps looking up there.”


Maxi, after her daily dust bath. She must think she’s part chicken.


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  1. For an additional throwback y’all should check out the post from 2012. I just reread it and laughed all over again. Don’t let Robyn try to convince you that FRED is the only one with the creative writing gene in his blood. She sure can tell a good story too!

    • I remember reading that story at some point. But it is STILL a great read. So funny. So Robyn. Love it. And indeed, she’s just as skillful a writer as Fred. I remember reading her essay about “when I’m old …. like 40” and describing the house she wants to live in in Maine. That was REALLY good too, in a very different way.

    • I loved the frog incident ( not that you had to go through the terror of it Robyn). It is said that one will find things funny after it is over. You are an amazing writer !!

      Snuggles to all the kitties !!!

  2. I CAN NOT believe that Mariette’s little tail-less tushy is still at Petsmart! I wonder if I can convince my husband that I need her?! 🙁

  3. Aww – love Spot (though it does appear his nose took a beating more than once). YAY for Maria (though how the heck is Orlando not adopted yet??)!! Love Livia’s french manicure tips. 🙂

    • Spot never looked for trouble, but when one of the other cats got too much in his face, he didn’t hesitate to stop them. Occasionally he got a scratch across the nose, but it never bothered him any!

  4. I love how old cats get to that age and make that decision. Em was like that, so was Ollie. I look forward to the day when people get to meet Muffin 🙂

    I adore the spots on Spot’s nose.. so cute.

  5. I am so glad to hear about another adoption. I hope that Maria has a long, happy life with her new family. And that they occasionally send updates and pictures.

  6. Livia’s Deep Thoughts might be along the lines of “How did I get so hefty, and what am I going to do about it?”