5-26-21 Wednesday

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The kittens’ spays and neuters went perfectly! We were back here by 1:00, I gave them some canned food, and they spent the majority of the afternoon snoozing.

It wasn’t until I was putting their collars on –

I use paper collars with their names written on them and then put names and descriptions on masking tape on each crate. Yeah, it’s a production, but it works well. Actually, they’re not paper collars – they’re party wristbands, which work exactly the same as the pet collar version and cost way less. –

that I realized they had never been in carriers or in a car.

Their initial reaction to being put in the carriers and closed in? They sat and purred at me. Their reaction to being in the back of the car? Quiet puzzlement. Then we left… and they were silent.

“This isn’t so bad!” I thought, as though I were freshly born into this world.

Five minutes into the drive, someone pooped. And the howling began, a sad chorus that would quiet down for a bit and then pick back up. It’s not a short drive, but this isn’t the first time I’ve had a stinky car or loud kittens, so I tuned them out and wore a mask (a definite plus side to having masks everywhere!) (I advise against the “circulating air” option on your air conditioner, FYI) and we got there safe and sound. Just a few hours later, we were all home again. I’m always really glad to get spay/neuter day done and over with, even though it does mean that the kittens will start heading off soon.

Fizzbin will be the first to go – she’s heading off on Friday afternoon. Pinochle, Whist and Uno are going (together) next week, and Slapjack and Rummy (together) the following weekend. So at least it’ll be a staggered leaving, and we’ll have a bit longer with some of them.


Fizzbin in her collar yesterday morning.

Line ’em up! Left to right: Slapjack, Rummy, Pinochle, Whist, Uno (behind Whist) and Fizzbin.

Uno in the sun.

Rummy from above.

Uno and Rummy.

Whist found a hidey hole and could not be more pleased with herself.

Uno’s all “LADY. Your pillow’s moving!”

Rummy has a stretch.

Pile o’ monkeys.

Whist in the ham-mick.

Whist and Uno have a snuggle.

Fizzbin discovered the stepladder.

Rummy has a think.


Dewey’s all “Not lookin’ at you, lady. NOT. LOOKIN’.”


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