5-26-16 Thursday

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Throwback Thursday: Stefan and Dennis.

One of the first pictures I took of Stefan. That boy was a hot mess when he showed up here – you can see the awful skin rash/scars on his chest. I don’t remember how the vet treated it, but it eventually went away. He’s always had skin issues, though. He showed up here in January of 2013 at the feeding station, and at first every single time he saw one of us, he vamoosed. Fred managed to gain his trust, and eventually he made his way inside (don’t they ALL?)

Here he is near Maxi. Look at how SKINNY he was! He was a total stringbean when he showed up here. He’s no longer skinny, that’s for sure.

Stefan is estimated to be about 4 years old.

One of the first Dennis pictures, back in January of 2014 with Maria from the Players. His story was that he showed up at a feral feeding station, rubbing against the ferals who were eating there. He was too friendly and too small to be left there, and he needed to be around other kittens, so he came to me. I threw him right in with the Players, and you can read the post where I first introduced him here. The place where he was found was actually the same place where the Players were found, and while he was a brown tabby like most of them, he clearly didn’t come from the same litter (he was a bit younger than they were.)

I have to say that although I tried VERY VERY VERY HARD to find a home for Dennis, and I honestly and truly had zero desire to keep him, I am so glad that we ended up adopting him. I just love that boy so much!

Dennis is 2 1/2 years old (he’ll be 3 in October).


Bonus Throwback: Oy.

As I was looking back through some old pictures of the very first litter we fostered – Mia and her babies – I came to a conclusion:

The Loons are a bigger problem than we ever realized. Clearly Mia’s kitten Oy exposed us to The Loons, and caused us to become carriers.


I present as proof:

With this highly scientific evidence, I tender my deepest, heartfelt apology to Jake, who clearly caught The Loons from me as a wee tike, and has suffered ever since.


Not today, apparently!

“If you gotta HAVE The Loons, you gots to keep ’em well-tuned, Lady.”


“What?” Oh, Art Vandelay, you are far too cute.

Susie. SUCH a pretty girl.

“Hey, you! Get offa my lawn!” And yes, I did immediately kiss Bert Macklin for scolding me.

Chanandler Bong’s got the ::thlurrrps::

“What doon, lady?” asks Ken “Moe” Adams.

Do you get the feeling that Susie likes to keep an eye on my shenanigans?

KenMoe, too. (I told Fred that “KenMoe” would be an excellent name for him. Fred hmphed and said just plain Moe was better.)

Princess Consuela, up high. It took about 30 seconds after they scaled the cat tree in the front room to figure out that they could go on top of the bookcases and then to the shelves on this side of the bookcase. Kittens notice these things!

Chanandler in her Chewy box o’ packing paper. Note the bite marks around all of the flaps.

“Lady, you gonna let me sleep?”


Video! During nap time, the kittens decided it was time to get spiffed up in hopes of impressing their new families in a couple of days. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared!

YouTube link.


Archie, forever hoping that it might be snack time.


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  1. Dennis’s Adoption Day post hits me right in the feels every single time. I’m so happy he’s your family, too. 🙂

    And that last pic of Jake? That’s not a case of the loons, that is a serious case of the derps. 😉

    • I agree Jennifer…the Dennis adoption post gets me teary everytime. I know not to re-read it while at work. LOL

  2. Stephan was a hot mess! Hardly looks like the same cat! Dennis lucked out, even if it took you a while to realize he belonged!
    Jake! If you tune those loons any harder your face will break!!!
    Love the video, apparently the solid grey ones are tasty!

  3. Hahaha, I’m not sure any of us are too disappointed about your house being infected with loons. It was bound to happen sooner or later!

  4. In the video, are the two pairs paired the way they are being adopted? Does that make sense?