About the Players

The Players (except for Dennis) came to Crooked Acres on January 24, 2014. They were at another foster mom’s house, and came here so they’d have a little more room to run around before being ready for Petsmart. They were all given names of Shakespearean characters – Ferdinand, Angelo, Maria, Mariette, and Orlando. They started out skittish and nervous, but came around pretty quickly (led by Maria.)

They’re 4 months old (date of birth 9/28/13), and they were trapped near a feral cat colony when they were about 6 week old (their mother was spayed and released). They spent a couple of months with another foster mom, and have come here to get the full Crooked Acres Spoiled Rotten treatment. They need to be spayed and neutered, but they’re already up to date on their vaccinations, and they’re all healthy and well.

(Of note: Mariette has no tail at all, and Ferdinand has just the tiniest puff of a tail. Neither of them has litterbox issues though, thankfully!)

You can read about Angelo, Ferdinand, Maria, Mariette, and Orlando beginning with this post (there are links at the top or bottom of the entries to take you to the next post).

You can see all the pictures I’ve taken of these kittens over at Flickr.

Edited to add: Dennis came to us on January 29, 2014. He was at the shelter, already neutered and had had his first vaccination, but really needed other kittens around his age to buddy up with. So he came here! He was rescued near the feral colony that the rest of the Players came from, but whether he was dropped off or wandered off or something else entirely, who’s to say? He’s about two weeks younger than the others (date of birth: 10/14/13) and while he’s also a brown tabby, his fur texture, the shape of his face (round) and body (short and stocky) is very different from theirs.

Ferdinand was adopted on March 21st!
Maria was adopted on March 6th!
Mariette was adopted on May 15th! She’s now Bunny, and you can see her on Facebook and Instagram!
Orlando was adopted on September 2nd!
Dennis was made a permanent resident in June 2014, and will be staying here with us. See his page here.

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