5-27-16 Friday

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The Huffington Post: This Cat And Bearded Dragon Are Total Snuggle Buddies.

Don’t you just adore interspecies snorgling? Speaking of, if you’re not following Life of Pikelet on Facebook, you oughta be!


Re: the kitten nursing-didn’t you have a blanket with nipples for one of your “batches” of kittens. Did you try that? and is it a comfort thing because they miss their momma or because of their spays. Poor kittens.

I made a blanket using extra nipples from a bottle, and also bought a pacifier pillow made for cats and kittens a few years ago, and no kitten has ever been interested in either. Usually kittens will be successfully directed to those fuzzy blankets for their nursing needs, but these guys are NOT having it!

Oh – and it’s a comfort thing – they were doing it before they went off for spaying and neutering.


So.. where’d you get the cat tree?

Homegoods! I got money for my birthday, and immediately replaced an old cat tree. It’s made by Molly and Friends – this one – and I like how sturdy it is.


off-topic, but curious what Robyn, and other cat-lovers here, think of this?

I give this a million NOPES. You know what my cats would do if I came at them with that in my mouth? They’d disappear into another dimension for three days. I think it’s utterly idiotic, and just an attempt to make money off of something silly and ridiculous. The first time I saw that, I made this face:


I HATE THIS THING. I DO NOT RECOMMEND. Don’t get suckered in, y’all!


Is it still Kitten Season in your neck of the woods?

In the south (we’re in North Alabama), kitten season never really ends – but it’s really starting to ramp up now, and will likely remain in full force for, oh – the next six months or so.


Could you tell me were you got the bedspread in the “#ChanandlerBong checked out Uncle #Archie, and there was no hissing!” picture? It is so pretty. Of course, the beauty is enhanced by the attractive spokes kitty models.

I initially got it at Kohl’s, and when I needed to replace it, I got it at Amazon – it’s the Blooming Prairie bedspread, made by Greenland Home. I really like it!


Might I recommend these foam door stops? I got some years ago because my Squeaky George had a tendency to shut himself up in rooms because he loved closing doors! The nice thing is they can be placed anywhere, they can be moved to different doors, and they’re unobtrusive. Best cat-related investment I’ve made!

I bought a pack, got them earlier this week, and it’s working perfectly. I put it on the foster room door in the morning, and take it off (and hang it around the doorknob) at night. Now I just have to find a place for those bricks.

This would be a really good solution if you were going on vacation and were worried that your cats would lock themselves in or out of a room. Thanks for the suggestion!

PS: Squeaky George is an excellent cat name!


you so totally need to share a photo of your desk today.

Connie posted that comment, literally, MONTHS ago (3, to be exact), and I’ve finally gotten around to taking a picture of my desk currently. The top picture is the one I posted in February, in a Throwback Thursday post. The second picture is my desk from two days ago. I have less stuff hanging on the wall, though that’s because where there was wall over my desk in the last house, now there are windows (which I much prefer.) It’s the same desk, though – I think I’ve had that desk for about 15 years, if not longer, and I still love it.


What is Susie sitting on? I haven’t seen that before.

That’s a little storage box I bought several years ago at Big Lots. It’s the perfect size for kittens to hop up on and watch their siblings race by – and it’s in the perfect location for them to get down from the wall shelves.


It’s a KenMoe Adams and the Ears of Fabulosity!

Isn’t he a cutie?

Naptime for Susie. That girl knows how to RELAX.

Bert Macklin, feelin’ smug.

Susie and Chanandler Bong, on top of the scratcher. I’m sure there was a feather teaser waving wildly in the air.

Stefan snoopervises Art Vandelay, who is playing with some brown packing paper.

While Susie sharpens her claws, Princess Consuela is all “What SHALL I make for dinner?!”

Chanandler with attitude.

Bert Macklin, out cold.

Princess Consuela discovered the washstand, where we stash our extra towels. She thinks it’s quite comfy, and would like me to go away now, please.

Susie flopped out of the cat bed and melted across my desk. It’s a rough life, is what it is.

The day before they went off for their spaying and neutering, Art and Chanandler hung out in the Room with a View. As you can see, she’s snuffling around in his belly fur, looking for a good place to nurse. And he’s all “You believe this?”

“Unca Stefan, you gotta hang out RIGHT outside my house?” demands Princess Consuela.

Chanandler in the sun.

So, tomorrow the kittens are headed off to Petsmart. As a reminder: Princess Consuela and Susie are adopted together, and Bert Macklin and Art Vandelay are adopted together.

Somehow, Ken “Moe” Adams and Chanandler Bong are still available. Hopefully we’ll get lucky, and they’ll get adopted tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

There will be a post up tomorrow with my Chewy.com review. Since I took the pictures for the review a few weeks ago, it’ll involve not only many of the permanent residents, but also the Fakers, including Regina.


Newt In Mid-Air.
(On the platform in the back yard that Fred built for the cats.)


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  1. So I had to click on the photo to figure out that Torres is our helpful consumer reporter this morning! 😀

    • Ha – I should have mentioned that! I love that picture so very much. It cracks me up every time I happen across it. 🙂

  2. That picture of Susie sleeping on the desk is just ADORABLE.

    Fakers, good luck in your new forever homes or at Petsmart! I wonder if Regina will recognize Ken Adams and Chanandler?

    (Ruth’s header came up for me today. She’s the spitting image of Misty!)

  3. Princess Consuela is actually telling you there is a pea in there, and you should get it out!

    Well, your desk is a lot less interesting now.. 😀

  4. I keep thinking that the furries will probably use those Licki Brushes.

    I get the concept but I’m not THAT into cat grooming.

    • Oh I had a friend who was in a hotel with a furries convention going on… He said their costumes literally stunk! So they obviously need some different grooming aids!!

  5. I am REALLY going to miss the Fakers. A fond farewell to the four who are going straight home, and high hopes that Regina and Moe and Chanandler Bong find their families soonest.

    As for Newt on Fred’s wonderful platform (catform?): bliss!