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This month we chose a second type of food to review for our Chewy Influencer product review because we are going through a LOT of canned food right now. We chose Solid Gold Five Oceans Mackerel & Tuna Recipe in Gravy (it was provided free in exchange for an honest review.)

I started opening cans to put the food on the plate for the fosters when of course permanent residents started showing up, led by Archie and Jake (Archie and Jake are almost always first to appear when they hear the sound of cans opening.)

Jake’s looking at Archie and thinking “You better NOT get food before I do!”

Of course they each got a taste of the food. What am I, a monster? Clockwise from the lower left we have Jake, Archie, Maxi and Stefan.

Stefan HIGHLY approved.

As did Archie.

Then Khal showed up for his share. This is noteworthy because it turns out that Khal, the semi-feral I hadn’t even touched this time last year, who was living rough and eating whatever he could catch, in addition to the cheap food on our feeding station at Crooked Acres (which he had to share with the possums, raccoons, squirrels and birds), is picky. He won’t eat just ANY food, but this food he ate and he LIKED.

(Side note on Khal: Last night we were watching TV and he jumped up on the couch by my feet so he could stare lovingly at Fred. Because I am bone idle and could not be bothered to exert the energy to sit up and pet him with my hand, I rubbed him with my foot AND HE LET ME. More than LET me, he LIKED IT and purred and purred. I did it for about 10 minutes before he wandered off. He’s come a long way, baby.)

This is how I arrange the canned food for the fosters. I have (and tried to use) a divided chip & dip tray, but for some reason the kittens were confused by it, so I went back to the plain plate.

I was a little concerned about whether the fosters would eat this food because they’ve shown a distinct preference for pate-type canned food. This food is basically a chunky stew. I wondered if they’d just slurp up the gravy and leave the chunks of food.

Kristi’s always waiting for me in the morning, all “What took you so long? I’m starving!”

She bellied up to the plate, along with Oksana, Tessa, Debi and Brian Boitano.

Oksana and Brian Boitano were all “Wow. This stuff is good. Where’ve you been hiding it?!”

Here’s the big news – that black kitten over to the right is Torvill, and that boy is really not enthused about canned food. He always prefers kibble, but he really liked this stuff. Scott showed up, too, to see what the fuss was about.

“No seriously, lady, this stuff is good!”

Kristi approved (and note that Ohno and Picabo joined in, too).


It took about 5 minutes (if that) for them to clean the plate, and Picabo stayed there and cleared up every last crumb.

This food was a HUGE hit – and I would even say that if you have a cat who isn’t ordinarily interested in canned food, you might want to give this a try. I can’t remember the last time I had such an enthusiastic response to canned food. All the cats who tried it liked it a LOT.

The Solid Gold Five Oceans Mackerel & Tuna Recipe in Gravy is $15.12 for 8 6-ounce cans at Chewy.com (and slightly less if you opt for auto-shipping.)

The food was provided to us free of charge, and the opinion was the cats’ and kittens’ as interpreted by me. Thank you to Chewy and Solid Gold for letting us give it a try!


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5-26-18 — 14 Comments

  1. “I have (and tried to use) a divided chip & dip tray, but for some reason the kittens were confused by it…”. Oh, that was funny! Their little minds blown by a different shaped plate.

    I love kittens.

  2. WOW! That was an outstanding review of that food. I wonder if they do have a pate version. It may be time to re-scroll through the Chewy site and order up some new things.

    • I think they have some pate foods – they also have something that’s mousse-like. I reviewed it last year the past and it was a big hit with the cats.

  3. Go Robyn! I think the foot rather than your hand was a good wise. Cats seem to take mistake leaning over for a petting as lunging for a smacking.

    • Well, I should have said that I started out petting him with my hand but it was too much effort for me so I went with the foot. He’s actually calm enough now that I can lean over him and pet him and he doesn’t flinch.

  4. My Lucky sounds a lot like your Khal. He was an outdoor feral kitten and even though I’ve now had him almost six years, he’s never gotten tame. However, he’ll occasionally jump up beside me, always when another cat is on my lap, and he LOVES to be petted, just as long as I don’t look at him. It’s as if he pretends it isn’t happening. The kitties clearly liked this food a lot! I’m wondering about it because I’ve read that you shouldn’t feed much fish to cats, because the larger fish like tuna are likely to have mercury contamination and it can build up in the cats’ systems. Do you know anything about that? That’s why I tend not to give mine things with tuna or salmon, or if so, only occasionally.

    • Khal’s favorite thing is to sit on Fred’s lap and be petted or brushed while we’re watching TV. And if Fred has the NERVE to stop petting him, he meows demandingly. 🙂

      I don’t – and wouldn’t – feed tuna or salmon as a main source of food just for that reason, but occasionally it’s okay. I’ve had luck with all the fish-based Solid Gold foods I’ve tried, I was just thinking I’d give their poultry flavors a try.

      • Also, fish will give male cats pellets in their bladder and can block their urethra.

  5. Robyn, Khal has come such a long way. Isn’t is possible for Katia and Kristi to do the same? I am so concerned that they may be returned to their colony where life surely will be dangerous and unpredictable for them and so different from their lives now with comfort and care.

    • We have to remember that it isn’t all just about what we want or what we think they should want. To really respect and honor a creature is to let it go its way if it wants to. If it comes back, it’s yours forever. If not, it was never yours to begin with.

    • It probably IS possible for them to do the same, which is why I’m trying to find someone who’s willing to give them a home and let them adapt at their own pace. But I suspect it will be a long process, and not everyone is willing to give them that much time to come around.