5-26-17 Friday

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How have you not named the newbies yet?

I believe there’s going to be a naming contest run by the DJ who found them. I’m waiting to hear the details – and I will, of course, provide a link so y’all can enter.

(You know that otherwise I’d have named ’em all by now!)


I hope he [Andouille] does have a lot of of people asking about him. I really want this litter to go as fast as the Grocers. I want to say they are the record holders for all being adopted either before they got to Petsmart or the day they arrived?

I’m trying to remember – I think it might be a tie between the Grocers and the Fakers – 4 of the 6 Fakers were adopted and never had to sit at Petsmart, whereas the Grocers… 3 were adopted and didn’t have to go to Petsmart, 3 went to Petsmart, and 2 were adopted the night they went, so yes – the Grocers are the record holders, because only PW had to sit at Petsmart, whereas 3 of the Fakers (if we’re including mama Regina Phalange) had to sit there.


Has Fred succumbed to the charms of this group like the rest of us? I’m not use to seeing him in there playing with the babies until they are a little bit older.

Fred has very slowly started to come around – I make him sit in the kitten room with me in the evenings for a little while, because it does none of us any favors if I’m the only human they come into contact with!


So I was sitting down for a cup of coffee and to start a new book. The story is set in Virginia and has ghosts and post Civil War action in flashbacks. Very atmospheric. A new character has just been introduced. His name is Congressman J. Dudley Apperson. I just about spewed coffee all over the place. I immediately saw a picture of Senator Stanley J. Boogerton. I have to put the book down because I cannot read any further until the laughing stops!

Congressman J. Dudley Apperson would be a MOST EXCELLENT kitten name. (And oh how I miss the Senator, even still.)


Praline smiles for her class picture.


Just the tiniest line of blue around her iris. Our baby is growing up! (Praline)

“What doin’, weird lady?” inquires Roux.

“No, seriously. What doin’?”

Poor Beignet – she’s got Praline chomped on her face and Andouille chomping on her tail. Oh, the indignity!

“Lady, what you doin’ down there?”

Praline will have you know that the kittens have a MUCH nicer and not-chomped-upon scratcher bowl now, since Andouille and Beignet’s Mama and Daddy were kind enough to bring a new one. Praline is just saying goodbye to the old one.

So. Much. FLOOF.

Praline and Andouille: the Open Mouth of Outrage. At a theater near you!

Praline looks like you said something rude to her and she’s not sure whether to laugh along with you or burst into tears.


Video! Wherein Andouille and Beignet ponder that eternal question.

YouTube link


Fred was headed out to open the chicken coop, and Frankie was accompanying him, as usual. (Have I mentioned that Frankie adores Fred and follows him around like a puppy?) Then Frankie saw a sight that made him change direction.

It’s an Archie up a tree – and now a Frankie up a tree!

But of course Frankie got too close to Archie, and there was a slap-off, so Frankie vacated the tree soon thereafter.


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5-26-17 Friday — 13 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh, I’ve never heard the Senator Boogerton story before – that was hilarious! You are such a creative writer and those pictures fit your story so perfectly. Well done!

  2. If I recall, it used to be Archie that followed Fred on his chores, wasn’t it? And now Frankie is trying to squeeze his way in there? Poor Archie… I bet some towels are gonna take a beating for that!

  3. “are you da baybee?” is the feline equivalent of “who’s a good boy?”


    I imagine Fred with a line of adoring cats following him around – kinda like a momma goose or duck with babies.

  4. The “Are YOU da baby?” video is just too cute for words. The ironic thing is that this has always been one of our routines with our kitties. When we had Steffi, a Maine Coon calico, we would ask her, “Whoe’s the pretty girl?” and she would just preen! For Jessie, it is “Are you our baby princess?” Since it has been 40 years since we have had a little boy, we will have to “think before speaking” and not call him our baby girl.

    • Ms. Kay, are you the lucky new mama of Andouille and Beignet? Is it too rude to ask you to keep us updated on the babies??

      • Yes, my husband and I are adopting these two little floof balls. I am going to try to make a Facebook page for them so that others can follow them. However, Facebook and I are not always on the same page. 🙂 I will post something on Robyn’s page if I manage to get something created. Please DO NOT expect all the witty captions the Robyn comes up with. I am not that talented.

        • Thank you so much! And congrats — they are going to grow up to be beautiful, charming cats, I’m sure.

  5. Does the scratching bowl’s base separate easily? If so, it might be fun to put the old bowl directly on the floor for some potentially fun rocking fun. Before the recycling, dontchaknow.

  6. The “Senator Boogerton” story is hysterical. Will you ever write another story like that again?