5-25-17 Thursday

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I got to visit my foster-in-waiting Belle Starr and her kittens on Monday, and didn’t get a chance to go through the pictures I’d taken until yesterday – so I think it’s safe to say that the kittens probably look completely different. They grow so fast at this age!

I walked into the room to find miniature cats with bright, curious eyes, tails straight up in the air, stomping around the room exploring and then returning to their safe space.

Brown tabby boy and lynx point (also a boy) peered out at me from their den.

The girl – I don’t know how I’d describe her – she’s mostly gray and white, but has splashes of peachy-pink on her legs and hip. A dilute something? In any case, that girl was all OVER the room. She’s an explorer!

“Simply amazing!”

Pictures don’t do this brown tabby boy justice. He’s SO pretty.

Gray and white tabby boy was sleepy. He wanted none of my nonsense.

Hangin’ with Mama.

Checking out the view from inside the den.

Did I mention she’s a little explorer?

Someone’s been checking out the litter box, and he’s not sure what he thinks.

“MAMA! We can get the innernets?!”
“No, son. The HUMANS don’t think we can handle the innernets. Like we aren’t the sole reason it exists.”

Brown tabby boy got sleepy.

Row of sleeping cuties.


Video! Belle Starr and her kittens. You’ll excuse my baby talk. I can’t help it!

YouTube link


Nola came through her spay surgery just fine, and in fact we were home before noon. She came out of the carrier and went into the closet (she likes to hide behind the door sometimes; the kittens generally leave her alone when she’s back there). The girls caught scent of her, noticed that something was different about Mama, and donned their floof suits for 10 minutes or so. Andouille, oblivious, bounded around the room, playing.

By mid-afternoon Nola was seeking out her kittens for a cuddle. She wasn’t inclined to let them nurse, but I expect they’ll wear her down before too long.

Can I just tell you how relieved I am that neither Nola nor I have to suffer through her going into heat? SO RELIEVED. I bet she is, too!


I kept putting Andouille in the window bed with his sisters, but he wasn’t having it.


Beignet’s face is cracking me UP.

I feel very judged right now.

“A bed of sisters is not as comfy as you’d think, lady.”


“Ex-CUSE me, a little privacy please?!” Sorry, Dennis. You’re just so gorgeous I can’t stop staring at you!


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5-25-17 Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. Brown tabby boy – has the most beautiful stripey stripes! All of those babies are gorgeous.
    A bed of sisters photo – Either it is Roux or Praline but she must be thinking, “Why is your butt in my face?”
    The “Beignet’s face is cracking me up” photo – it is a lovely photo. I have no doubt that Roux and Praline are gonna fly off the shelf into their forever home(s). Sooooo pretty!! Add Nola to that list, too. Hopefully, she has a chance to fatten up a bit so she can show off all her glory. (Kids will suck the life right outta ya! )
    Oh Dennis! You are quite purdy! Love your eyes!

    (As you can see, YOUR website is my very FIRST stop each day!) I hope it gets Roux and Praline adopted with Nola!

  3. Belle Starr’s unusually marked little girl is a dilute torbie. My Lavender kitten is one as well: silver, cream, and gray stripes, with splashes of peachy pink.

  4. Thank you for my morning kitten fix. If I could, I would take ALL OF THEM. I will be on the road all day again today, so the morning pictures will get me through until I can check again this evening. Counting done the days until Andouille (Andre) and Beignet (Bella) come home to me!

    • Yay Kay! LOL I’m so happy for you. I showed a coworker several videos and she said what just about all of us have at one time or another, “I want him!” After that she asked how much Robyn wants for him. I told her he and Beignet were already taken and she poopoo’d that. She told me I should have just gotten in my car and drove down there to claim him no matter what my mean ole husband said. But it’s better he’s going to a home where everyone wants him and his sister.

      Updates please!! We’re begging you. 🙂

    • Wait what?

      If you take them home, you have to promise to provide updates and proof of life photos.

  5. I just fell in love with that brown tabby boy. Swear that little girl looks like a lilac Siamese. Too cute!!

  6. Dennis does look a tad offended at the intrusion!!

    Not fair! You get to hang out with 2 litters of kitten monkeys! Little brown tabby dude cleaning his paw in the video nearly knocked me over.

  7. I am volunteering Fred’s bedroom for a second foster room (because I’m thoughtful like that) so you can bring Bell Starr and those babies to Crooked Acres now! I’m sure your couches are perfectly comfortable! 😉

  8. how have you not named the newbies yet?

    and I’m sure Andy needed to judge you. What ever you did, it was serious.