5-24-17 Wednesday

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Ever since Nola’s Cajuns were born, there’s been a lot of interest in this one.

“Who, ME?”

I’ve told several people that I know the blog turns into The Andouille Show sometimes, but that boy just grabs the camera. He’s such a photogenic little nut. I was told that every time I mentioned he’s a lapcat, there’d be an email to Forgotten Felines expressing interest in him.

So it probably won’t surprise you to hear that there’s an adoption pending on him.

“What do that mean, lady?”

That means, you little goober, that when you are a little older, you won’t have to sit at Petsmart waiting for someone to fall in love with you. You get to go straight from here to your forever home. Isn’t that great?!


BUT WAIT. You are NOT going home alone. I mean, you’ll have your Mom and Dad and your big sister Jessie to keep you company, but ALSO.

This little floofmuffin right here?

“Who, ME?!”

Yes, YOU. You are ALSO being adopted with Andouille!

Two floofy kittens are going home together!

Which is good, because he really likes to mess with her feet. They must smell really good.

And be super tasty.

“Smells like cotton candy!”

“Her tail is pretty tasty, too!”

“You tells him to leave my feet alone or it’s gonna be POW! right in the kisser!”

Isn’t it wonderful? I love when two siblings get to spend their lives together.

Their Mom and Dad and Grandma came to visit yesterday (their Mom and Dad first visited a couple of weeks ago). When I opened the door to the foster room, Social Director Andouille nearly came stomping out. The girls tried hiding in the closet, but I pulled them out for forcible snuggling, which they handled pretty well. They eventually started playing, and by the time our visitors left, everyone was snoozing.

Roux in the basket.

And Praline on Mama.

So that’s your good news for the day! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Roux and Praline were adopted together, and Nola was adopted too? Nola handled our visitors well – last time they were here, she wasn’t up for petting, but this time she not only put up with it, she also purred! Doesn’t someone out there want a sweet, shy, floofy, GORGEOUS girl?

(I know, I know – I need to post more pictures of her and stop letting the kittens suck up all the attention!)

Speaking of Mama, she is actually going to be spayed this morning! Space became available for her, and when Michelle let me know, you better BELIEVE that I jumped at the chance. I’ve been dreading the idea of Nola going into heat, and now we don’t have to worry about that. I am SO relieved!


Videos! Random racing, hopping and skitterbugging in the first one.

YouTube link

I have entitled the second video “Praline and Roux are tree huggers,” and I am so pleased with myself that I cannot stand it. ::puts on sunglasses and smirks into the camera::

YouTube link


By the way, my bafflement at the kittens peeing on the rug instead of in the litter box in my 2005 post with my very first litter of fosters cracked me UP. Oh, how far we’ve come in 12 years!


In case you ever wondered what Stefan’s nose looks like, up close.


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5-24-17 Wednesday — 32 Comments

  1. Yay, great, great, GREAT news! Congratulations to everyone involved, feline and human alike!

  2. Did I not say that Andouille and Beignet needed to be adopted together as does Roux and Praline? Just say’n!!! πŸ™‚

    I think Nola will fly off the shelf and be adopted in a flash! She is soooo lovely!!

    Tree Huggers: You get extra points for that one!

    Stefan: *BOOP*

    My Lola update:
    Severe obstruction could be seen in the x-rays, especially on the left side as it was so dense. Rhinoscopy could not tell if inflammation or cancer/tumor. Biopsies were taken. They could tell that she had severe inflammation in an obstructive pattern. She was given a respiratory PCR which looks for DNA viral components that would then tell them which virus and what meds to administer. Testing for cryptococcus was also performed. Full results won’t be back for a good five days.

  3. Hooray for Andouille and Beignet! I hope their new parents will provide updates once they go to their permanent home. I want to see those cuties when they are full grown. I’m sure they are going to grow up to be big, fluffy monsters. πŸ™‚

  4. So very very thrilled for Beignet and Andouille – and yes, we will need regular updates as they grow. Wishing the family many years of love, laughter and magic with these two!

  5. Aww, what a beautiful nose-nose, Stefan. I can almost feel the kitteh brefs and the whisker tickles from that photo.

  6. That is WONDERFUL news!!! Now, the Forever Parents do understand they’re obligated to send updates and pics, right? Because I need to see that floof-tacular evolution regularly.

  7. The real link to 2016 is https://www.love-and-hisses.com/5-24-16/ (Yep, I’m the geek that looks back everyday, at past years posts)

    Oh and I forgot to say, Yay! for Andouille and Beignet, going home direct. Hope to see pictures of both of them as they grow up. Andy should be a stunner.

    • You think one of these days I might remember to double-check those links before I decide the post is ready for publishing? Nahhhh. πŸ˜‰

  8. I am sooooo happy for those two going straight to their forever home. But I have to admit, a little bit more for Andouille as he has my heart. It brings me great joy knowing he won’t have to be stuck in a cage even if it would have been for just one day. Because there’s no way that fluffy little creamcicle was going to be waiting for very long.

    And Beignet and her sugar coated face and paws, she’s just shy of his adorableness.

    Please, please, please give updates!!!

    Tree huggers. Nice one!

    The picture of Praline and Mama just melts the heart.

    And Roux needs to learn how to relax. She looks way too stressed in that basket.

  9. At the start of the first video I thought “There’s no way Andouille still fits through that hole in the triangular scratcher” – but a few seconds later, through he went! Guess that boy is even floofier than I thought.

    And, of course, YAY for instant adoption!

    Annnd it seems that Roux-in-the-basket forgot to put on the pants matching that nice cat fur jacket of hers.

  10. This adoption news makes our entire day! Let’s hope for an insta-family adoption with Nola, Praline, and Roux all together, too. A few more photos of sleepy snuggles with mama might do it. The one above with mama and Praline is adorable!

  11. I will try my best to provide floof updates. Needless to say, I can’t wait until my two little fur balls are ready to some home to me. It might take a day or two for big sister Jessie to totally accept them, but I will remind her that big sister Chrissy learned to accept her! Jessie has been lonely since we lost her sister Jasmine in early April. I do hope that Praline and Roux find a home together and that Nola finds a family that can really appreciate what a sweet lovable cat she is. Believe me, I gave more than a passing thought to taking the whole family.

    • Kay, well now we have your name! The gig is up! You will be stalked! LOL
      Congrats, those are the two I would have stolen if I could have. They are sweet and adorable. Jessie will eventually realize that all that fluff will make mighty fine pillows! πŸ™‚

    • *pounce* *tackle* *hug*

      YAY! so glad you adopted “My Andy” because I seriously could not look at him a minute longer without risking running down there and stealing him away.

    • OK. It isn’t very glamorous and it won’t ever be as interesting as Robyn’s page, but I have created a Facebook Page called “Kitty Kisses” (kayskittykisses) where I will post pictures of Andre and Bella as they grow and pictures of their big sister Jessica. Hope it works.

  12. I am so glad they get to stay together, I am a bit sad that they won’t be mine, but I have a houseful… I will miss them, so I also hope that we can have some updates!!

  13. Congrats to Andy and Beignet and to the humans involved! ((hugs)) to Lola and her humans.
    Robyn-the tree hugger video is great. It could also be called Praline and Roux play tetherball. ALthough, ideally they would be batting it around AT each other.

  14. Thank you everyone for the well wishes to Lola. You will never know how much it means to me.