5-3-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Yep, Alejandro still fits. He doesn’t go through the tunnel nearly as fast as he used to, but he does fit. I should probably put that scratcher away so that no one gets stuck, but I’m going to be honest: I want to see if someone does, or if they wise up and stop trying to fit through there. Only time will tell!

The Queen.

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The kittens LOVE these tubes of Inaba Churu pureed food. It’s about the consistency of baby food, and usually if I sit on the floor and wave the tube at them, they come running. (They share a tube, sometimes two, per day.) In this instance, Carmelita (who marches to the beat of her own drum) was napping and didn’t realize Churu was on tap, so I had to go to her. (This is not an advertisement, I didn’t get this stuff for free, just thought I’d mention it.)

Carmelita shows off her fabulous furs.

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Carmelita gets sassy with Mama.

Diego’s all “Pipe down, pipsqueak” to Pablo.

Good night innernets. (Javier)

Alejandro says “SMILE, it’s Monday!”

Isabella’s stylin’ in her Hat of the Day.

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Diego’s playing/fighting with Mama. They sure are getting sassy these days!

Oh that Diego, he gets better looking every day.

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Da kittens and Da Bird.

The loons are highly tuned today, it appears – and also looks like Carmelita might have caught a case of ’em too.

Carmelita sharing a snack with Mama.

Good night innernets. (Diego)

Carmelita says “SMILE, it’s Tuesday! The week’s half over!” (That’s kitten math.)

Carmelita started to hop down the “steps” of this cat tree, and then she just stopped and balanced like this for a long time before continuing on her way.

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Yes, still nursing at 11 weeks old. OH THE HORROR. (I’d feel sorrier for Isabella except that I’ve seen her wake them up to nurse. I’ve also seen her refuse to let them nurse when she doesn’t want them to. She’ll either wean them when she’s good and ready, or they’ll get weaned when they’re separated from her. In my experience, kittens will nurse as long as their mama lets them, and I’ve had exactly one mama actually wean her kittens while they were with me.)

Isabella says “It’s five o’clock somewhere” as she scatters her ‘niptini all over the place.

I’d have more to say about this picture, but every time I catch a glimpse of Pablo’s loony little face, I start laughing.

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Disco kittens!

The cat tree is in full bloom! (Missing is Pablo, who was off doing something else.) From the top: Diego, Javier, Alejandro, and Carmelita.

Good night innernets. (Pablo)

“SMILE! It’s [checks calendar] Wednesday! The week’s practically over!” (Alejandro)

Isabella in her Hat of the Day – or I guess Crown of the Day would be a better description. It suits her, don’t you think? She sure does pose beautifully and does a wonderful job of tolerating all the hats I’ve been putting on her head. I sure am going to miss her.⁠ When she goes home.⁠ Later this week.⁠ Yes, we DO have an adoption pending on Mama Isabella, and she WILL be going home later this week (probably Friday) and I couldn’t possibly be more pleased for her. She’s going to be an only kitty in a home where she will be adored and doted on like she deserves.⁠

(Just a note: we say “Adoption pending” on fosters because they’re not actually ADOPTED until they’ve been handed over to their new family. This isn’t in any way a hint that we expect the adoptions to fall through, just that everything isn’t final ’til it’s final.)

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As mentioned yesterday, when Mama Isabella doesn’t want the kittens to nurse, she lets them know (which is something I FULLY support. You go, Mama!)

It’s Happy Hour and we’re serving Carmelita-tinis (we would serve Carmelita Margaritas, but we do not think we have the correct glassware for that drink and also, we have all these olives). Limited selection, curbside service, better get yours fast!

Good night innernets. (Javier, Alejandro and a tiny bit of Carmelita.)

“SMILE, it’s Thursday – gateway to the weekend!” says Carmelita. (The closer we get to the weekend, the bigger their smiles get. Which is odd, since you wouldn’t guess weekends would mean much to kittens, amiright?)

Isabella’s Hat of the Day is a chef’s hat in honor of the fact that she’ll be baking no more babies (which would be difficult at this point, anyway, given the fact that she’s been spayed.)

Welcome to Thlurrrpsday, and please admire Diego’s form.

If you look near Pablo’s armpit, you’ll see the end of his tail. I expected his tail light to get bigger and more obvious as he got older, but instead it’s dwindled to about 6 white hairs. I wouldn’t be surprised if it disappears completely as he gets older. He’s still got that loony face, though, so all is not lost.

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Throw Back Thursday: Chip, from our Belle and the Beasts litter back in 2017, remains the baby-est baby who ever Da BAYbee’d. (He and his brother Gaston were adopted together. I’ve never gotten an update on them, but I would LOVE to know whether he’s still Da BAYbee. I suspect the answer is YES.)

Carmelita’s making sure that Churu doesn’t get away.

Yawning makes Pablo’s loons particularly apparent!

Good night innernets. (Javier. Yes, he was sound asleep like this. And yes, after I took the picture I lifted up his head and moved it so it was resting in the bed with him. We don’t want neck problems to start just yet!)

Rabbit rabbit rabbit. (Diego)

“IT’S FRIDAY!!!” Thank you for keeping us up to date this week, Alejandro. You and Carmelita are so helpful!

Isabella’s Hat of the Day is a Cat in the Hat hat that Fred did not crochet. (For the record he didn’t crochet any of the hats I’ve shared this week. He is mean and refuses to crochet things for me because (1) he doesn’t like to follow a pattern and (2) he doesn’t like “assignments” and (2a) “I’m doing this for fun, when you try to make me make things IT’S WORK.” also (3) Perhaps Fred is Da BAYbee, the big whiner.)(Fortunately for me he isn’t the only crocheter I know, so there.)

Carmelita’s guilty little face! “I didn’t MEAN to knock the llama basket over, it just HAPPENED. Don’t blame ME, I’m just a baby!”

Suddenly the triple-layer track toy has become fascinating. (Not present: Alejandro.)(Actually, when I posted this I didn’t realize it, but Alejandro is back there in the litter box doing his thing.)

“Yes I DO have a bunch of toys in this here basket. You gots a problem with that?” Pablo wonders.

Hurray, hurray, Isabella went home today! She is going to be spoiled ROTTEN, which she very much deserves. Happy life, sweet girl! ❤️❤️❤️ (She’ll be known as “Izzy-bella”!)

Javier in a basket with a single toy, looking kinda guilty.

Good night innernets. (Diego and Pablo)

Watching the world out the window, picking his nose with his tongue, that’s our Javier.

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There goes Pablo, kicking himself in the face again. Such a little goober.

Churu? Don’t mind if we do! (Carmelita, Javier and Alejandro. So many tongues!)

Javier and Diego are all “Hey lady, you got any of the good stuff?” And in the background, Pablo is thinking “I wonder if I can STILL fit through this hole?”

Carmelita worries “Oh dear, it’s Caturday. Does that mean it’s almost Monday again??”

Diego is SUCH a gorgeous boy, perhaps I’ve mentioned?

Good night innernets. (Carmelita)


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5-3-20 Weekly Roundup — 3 Comments

  1. Yay for Isabella getting adopted; happy life Izzy Bella! I love that brown streak on Carmelita’s forehead. In many of the photos when the lighting/angle is right that’s how I can tell it’s Carmelita and not Diego.

  2. LOL-in all the closeups of the kittens where their floof is just flying out all around it makes me think they need a little conditioner. They really are a special bunch.

  3. If it weren’t for the kittens reminding me of the day of the week I’d be clueless. Doesn’t help that I do shift work these days (thanks COVID-19!) so between those smart babies (and written notes on my Pusheen calendar) I’m golden!