5-12-16 Thursday

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Throwback Thursday: Kara and Joe Bob.

(The first couple of pictures from the first time we saw them.)

Kara, the day we brought her home in April of 2008. She showed up on someone’s front porch, pregnant as could be, and it just so happened that my foster room was empty. She was our very first pregnant cat who gave birth here.

That BELLEH. She didn’t have that belly for long, though – a little more than 24 hours after we brought her home, she gave birth.

And here she is with her babies, looking a little freaked out. She relaxed into her role as mama pretty quickly – but once those babies were gone, she was DONE with kittens.

Kara turned 9 years old at the beginning of April.

This is Joe Bob from January 2007, when he and his sister Moondance were our fosters.

This isn’t my picture – it came from Winnie, who was Joe Bob’s (then Moonman) first foster mom. Look at that little face!

With Moondance in the back of the room. They’d been at Petsmart for a few weeks, in the same cage together, and were apparently getting on each others’ nerves. They stayed with us for almost 2 months, and then went back to Petsmart, separately. Moondance (who was nicknamed Myrtle while they were here with us to go along with Moondance’s nickname of Joe Bob) was adopted and as far as I know she’s still out there leading a happy life.

Joe Bob was adopted and then returned, and then went to the shelter for about a year. After we said goodbye to Spot, we were talking about adopting another cat, and Fred remembered Joe Bob. I wanted to wait a while, but Fred wanted him so badly that he actually drove to the shelter to adopt him.

Joe Bob turns 11 on June 20th.


Regina Phalange gets a moment to herself.



“A good solid twenty minutes without one – or more! – of these hooligans trying to suck the life out of me. Is that too much to ask, Ceiling Cat?”

“IS IT, lady?”

Up on the platform, resting and alone. No one can reach her up there, right?

Look at the face she’s giving me, as though I made this happen.

Ken Adams and Art Vandelay, bellied up to the milk bar.

You can’t really see all of them that well, but all six kittens are present and accounted for.

Art’s clearly full of milk – look at the stretch on those toes!

Compare that to the whole bunch of them just two months ago:

Regina will be headed off to Petsmart later this morning. I want to get her settled in so that she has a few hours to adjust to being in the cage before adoption hours start this evening. Cross your fingers that she’s only there for a short time – I hope so much that she goes home very, very fast!


Video! All six of them nursing. LISTEN to that purring!

YouTube link.


Dennis prefers to watch the world from this position – when he’s awake, that is.


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5-12-16 Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. Godspeed, Regina — so many fingers will be crossed for a swift adoption!

  2. Regina, may your days be nothing but Spa Days from here on out and your new family comes in a flash!

  3. What a patient momma! Regina: wishing your rule at your new home be long and wonderful

    • Oops! He’s turning 11, not 12 (math is harrrrrrd). Maxi’s a year older – our cats are getting old!

  4. Was that Bert Macklin getting last to the milk bar? What a wonderful video! They’re going to miss their mama, won’t they?

    Fingers and toes crossed for Regina and her forever family!

  5. You know it’s bad when kittens are climbing over Mom from the other side to nurse. You are too big, you hooligans!

  6. I didn’t realize that the milk bar was still functional after being neutered. Fare thee well Regina!