5-11-16 Wednesday

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It’s family portrait time!

When Regina Phalange spots the feather teaser, she gets the crazy eyes.

Princess Consuela does her best to talk that feather teaser down.

The boys in a row – Art Vandelay, Bert Macklin and Ken Adams. Bert’s tilted head is killing me dead.

Now Art’s got the tilted head (and that’s Princess Consuela – this was a few minutes after the previous picture so they’d all moved around).

The family, all in a row. Left to right: Chanandler Bong, Ken Adams, Art Vandelay, Princess Consuela, Bert Macklin, Susie, and Regina Phalange.

This would have been perfect if I hadn’t cut Susie off! Left to right: Art Vandelay, Ken Adams, Princess Consuela (talking to the feather teaser), Chanandler Bong, Bert Macklin, Regina Phalange, and half of Susie.

Another shot – too much sun. Art almost looks like he isn’t there, in the back.

Everyone present, looking in the same direction, pretty much in focus: perfect! Left to right: Art Vandelay, Ken Adams, Princess Consuela, Chanandler Bong, Bert Macklin, Regina Phalange, Susie.

Just a reminder: Regina Phalange is headed off to Petsmart tomorrow afternoon. If anyone’s seriously interested in adopting her, let me know and I’ll shoot you an application.


In case you missed it on Facebook yesterday, here’s a picture labeled with Fred’s nicknames for the current batch.

In case you can’t read it, left to right: Gray (Princess Consuela), Mo (Susie), Toes (Bert Macklin), Arthur (Art Vandelay), Moe (Ken Adams), Mama (Regina Phalange), and Spots (Chanandler Bong).

Sometimes, to make things easier, Susie is Mo-reen or Girl Mo.


I was going to say “I wish I knew why sometimes these two (Stefan and Newt) are at each others’ throats, and then other times they can snooze the day away, just inches from each other.” But then I realized that Stefan was giving me that LOOK.

“His butt’s always in my face, lady!”


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5-11-16 Wednesday — 7 Comments

  1. I will never, ever know how you can get seven cats (kittens!) to sit still, line up, and look at the camera, all at the same time. And you make it look EASY!

    I find it funny that Fred’s nicknames for Susie and Ken Adams are the same. To me, Ken Adams and Art Vandelay look the most similar – I always get them mixed up!

  2. Hahahaha! I love Fred’s nicknames!!

    And can you add the video of Miss Dorfy saying hi to her fans (2011 post) to the “Best of” videos? Gah, her sweet little baby face with the eyeliner still kills me!!

  3. Wow, maybe it is the perspective or the size of the baskets, but Newt looks so much bigger than Stefan. I thought it would be the other way around.

  4. that feather teaser must have been talking smack – Regina keeps giving it the eye. Good luck sweet girl – we hope your family shows up quick!! And seriously…the nicknames are hilarious.

  5. I think it’s funny that when these kittens first showed up, I was thinking, “They all look alike; I’ll never be able to tell them apart.” But now I can totally tell Ken Adams from Art Vandelay! And sometimes I can even tell Princess Consuela and Bert Macklin apart. Such a cute litter. I will miss them!

    Good luck Regina Phalange! I hope your people come for you soon!

  6. Now that is a perfect family photo! Even got Mom in there! Her DNA was obviously dominant. Good luck to Regina!