5-10-16 Tuesday

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SOMEONE has a case of the Loons!

Every nap time includes Regina trying to catch some Zs and then the kittens coming along and latching onto the milk bar. If she’s particularly sleepy, Regina will let it happen. If she’s not, she’ll get up after about a minute and stomp off to another part of the room in hopes that the kittens will be too sleepy to hunt her down.

Princess Consuela likes to climb up on the top of the litter bucket and judge my litter-scooping skills.

“Come here, lady. I gots a knuckle sammich for you!”
(Pop quiz: On Friends, what’s Joey’s favorite kind of food? No fair Googling!)

“Am laying in my mouse cave thinking about how you didn’t scoop those litter boxes properly, lady,” says a very judgmental Princess Consuela.

Hanging in the pie plate with Mama.

Susie, keeping an eye on me.

“Lady, you is so very weird,” says Chanandler Bong.

Is there anything more fun than batting at the cord to the blinds? Apparently not!

Art Vandelay and Ken Adams do a little Kravitzing.


Alice Mo keeps an eye on the goings-on.

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5-10-16 Tuesday — 18 Comments

  1. Sandwiches!

    The babies all look so big now, until you see them next to Mama and then they don’t seem so big…

    Alice is just so, so pretty!

  2. Sammiches are Joey’s favorite food! (sad, I know that cuz I love them too!) These babies are getting big! Happy “It’s not Monday” Tuesday!

  3. A sandwich with pastrami? But I’ve just read Too curious’s answer and it does ring a bell! Meat ball sandwich…
    Ken’s picture made me think he’s all “power to the kittens!”

  4. My computer wasn’t working correctly before but I wanted to talk about Jake. Every time I see his picture or you mention him in this blog, I hear, “It’s Jake! Jake from State Farm!” Does anyone else do this?

    • ummmmm…. I do now! When we get to the “six callers ahead of us Jimmy” insurance ad.. Imagonnahavetobeout.

  5. Boy, these kittens are cute. And momma is pretty adorable, loons and all, as well.

    Okay, so I have a question for you all. It is gross, but I know you can handle it because, as cat keepers, we know gross. So we have a two year old male cat, a very large (though not overweight) and friendly orange dude. When he came to us a year and a half ago, he was kind of a mess–upper respiratory infection, giardia, etc. He is, thankfully, over all of that, but he has the. Worst. Smelling. Poops. Ever. We’ve taken, ahem, samples to the vet, and they come back clean. He eats the same food as our other two cats (high-quality grain-free stuff), and we’ve tried probiotics. With the latter we’ve seen some improvement, but things are still pretty horrific. (It doesn’t help that he doesn’t cover.) Any thoughts for how we can save our noses? Every time he poops my husband and I quote that Seinfeld episode where Kramer feeds Rusty the horse beef-a-reeno…