4-27-21 Tuesday

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Forgotten Felines of Huntsville is now accepting applications for Canasta. Email them at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.

Short description: goofy girl with a big mouth looking for a home. Needs a playful kitty companion who will stand up to her when she’s being a bit much. Loves ping pong balls and toys with feathers attached. Total lovable goober lap kitty who likes to be held like a baby. About 1 1/2 years old.

This question gets asked a lot – when I have a lap full of kittens, did they climb in my lap on their own, or did I put them there? The answer is always: they climbed in on their own. They’d NEVER stay if I put them there, it has to be their own idea (same with the pic from yesterday with all 6 kittens in the puffy bed.)

There had been 6 kittens on the tree, but Slapjack jumped down and ran over to me.

Pinochle (left) has a freckle in the middle of his nose. Whist started out with a freckle on the right side of her nose, but now her entire nose is darkening in.

Fizzbin’s got no nose freckle at all.

Slapjack has a sleepy.

Rummy has the crazy eyes.

Slapjack, still sleepy.

I’ve let the fosters out into the rest of the upstairs a few times. It goes fine and they find it interesting, but after about an hour they all gravitate back to the foster room. When they do that, I shut them in the foster room so the permanent residents can go upstairs.

One thing I do when I have a lap full of kittens is look at their ears and see if they need to be cleaned, and wipe eye boogers, and whatever else needs to be done that they’ll fight when they’re awake but will sleep through. (Don’t laugh at me – wiping off a kitten’s eye booger or dirt out of their ears is weirdly satisfying.) The other day I got to looking at their ears and wondered what the deal is with the little flappy things on the back.

So I Googled, and according to this page it’s called a cutaneous marginal pouch or Henry’s pocket or pouch. Also, no one really knows what this pocket is for but it is speculated that it enhances your cat’s hearing, possibly of higher frequency sound. The cutaneous marginal pouch isn’t just found in cats — it can be seen on various animals, including dogs.



Dewey enjoying the sun.


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