4-20-21 Tuesday

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Happy Toesday from Slapjack (the lap kitten) and his little pink toebeans.

Getting some teenage attitude from these four. (Left to right: Uno, Fizzbin, Whist and Rummy.)

Rummy close up. It’s so neat to watch their eyes change color.

Uno in the Fruitasan. That head tilt kills me.

Pinochle balancing on my legs. His eyes seem to be a seafoam green at the moment.

All 6 kittens are present in this picture, but Pinochle is in the back sound asleep and you can’t see his face.

Meanwhile, when Canasta wants some quiet time, she curls up on the top of this scratcher. It’s perfectly size for her, and unless she’s sitting up no kittens will fit on there with her.

5 kittens in my lap – and Canasta on the end of the couch. (Pinochle was in the cat tree, asleep. “Pinochle was asleep” seems to be a theme of today’s post.)

One of my favorite things about the kitten room: the couch. Plenty of room for me, 6 kittens and Canasta. Also, comfy!

6 kittens at the plate! (Canasta got her own plate on the counter.)


“Tryin’ to sleep here, lady.” Sorry, Newt. As you were!


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