4-20-15 Monday

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We have an update!

Alton says:

I noticed that yesterday (April 15th) marked 2 years since Khaleesi’s introductory post, and that reminded me that I needed to send you an update. I drove down to Mobile for a meeting last Thursday and instead of driving all the way back I decided to crash at the Daughter’s place in Auburn Thursday night. She greeted me with a to do list, which I totally should have expected. I brought Khaleesi a new mouse, which she immediately set upon.

“The human I live with needs to move the sofa more to retrieve the toys I lose under there.”

There was a bit of TV watching and Khaleesi has apparently found a new twist on lap sitting that I hadn’t seen before. There’s also quite a bit of negotiation when the human has to get up.

“There is no negotiation. I make demands and they must be met.”

Khaleesi isn’t used to company. When I twitched in the middle of the night, she’d pounce. I was, admittedly, on her turf. In the morning someone was all, “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed, and he’s still here.”

“That’s because you are still here. And I’m ignoring you.”

After supervising me all morning she was ready for a little peace and quiet when I headed out.

Thank you for the update and pictures, Alton. You know we love seeing her sweet face!


Belushi would like you to know…

That he completely understands how hard it is to get goin’ on Monday morning.

But he finds that the best way to deal with it is to be a tiny, adorable kitten with a spotted belly, a bunch of brothers and sisters, and a job where all you have to do is lay around and be cute.

I love the delicate little whiskers. (I would tell you who this is, but I’m not sure whether it’s Shecky or Skelton. I have a hard time telling them apart unless they’re next to each other. I may end up marking one of their ears to make my life easier.)

Rickles invites Gilda to smell his foot. Gilda obliges.

Mama and babies. That Rickles sure does like to roll around on his back.

Rickles is just a happy boy.

Another shot of Lucy and the babies.

I can’t help it, I just love to take pictures of her licking her lips! That girl cracks me up.


Video! I’m calling this “Rickles has something to say,” but I think it’s clear that the stars of the video are the refusing-to-wake-up and stretched-out-a-mile-long Roseanne, and Shecky who refuses to look away from cleaning his toes ’til the very end, whereupon he joins in on the “I am but a wee bebbeh, but I gots somethin’ to say” chorus.

YouTube link.


“What you doin’, weird lady?”
Lying on the floor trying to take a picture of your smug face, Archie!


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4-20-15 Monday — 34 Comments

  1. Khaleesi is a queen, what would there ever by any negotiations?

    Re: video – Roseanne, on her back, is the one cracking me up!!!

    • should be “Why would there ever be any negotiations?”

      Monday morning typing-disease… ugh!

  2. Yay! I love seeing Khaleesi, Mother of all Dragons, enjoying her new life. My kitty does that kind of compromise lap sit when I use my laptop, too!

    This batch of kittens is rallying hard to become my 2nd favourite (no litter will unseat the Dragons!)… they are creeping up on the Grocers who still hold the #2 spot because of their hilarious personalities, but this crop is edging closer because of that PLUS they have stupendous feets. Never underestimate the power of kittenfeets!

    Oh, Archie. I adore you, sir. And I bet you were one highly squooshable kitten (also with fabulous toes).

    My Monday is off to a great start, thank you Robyn!

  3. Always great to see good mama cats like Khaleesi get a wonderful, loving home. Nearly all the mama cats that stumbled into my life ended up as keepers. Those kittehs are growing fast as the weeds in my backyard — and believe me, that is FAST! Such fat little bellies, so cute and healthy.

  4. Khaleesi! So good to see her again! And the babies? They were sweet from the beginning but now they’ve reached the weapon-grade level of cuteness 🙂

    • I was calling him that from Day One, LOL. I don’t know why exactly but for some reason, I always add “-les” to the ones that I find particularly cute (e.g. Norbert shall forever be Norbles to me)!

  5. The mother of dragons has certainly made it clear that this is her world and we live to serve her.

    I have no problem with that.

    Love that picture on her mother’s legs. We do that every morning, especially if it’s cold. At night I’ve learned to type with a cat lying across my forearms.

    Love that she gets presents from Grandpa.

  6. Khaleesi! Sweet lady, she’d get everything she wanted, no questions asked (bitchin’ cat tree, btw!). And look at suave Mr. Archie, all handsome and smug in his handsomely smug pose. I love when big kitties do the side lounge like that, all he needs is a fluffy bath robe and a cigar to complete his look, lol.

    Thank you little Fools and Lucy for brightening my Monday, yet again! How many cans of wet food is Lucy eating now?

    • We found the cat tree at the cat show that was in Huntsville last year. It was made by a gentleman from Georgia using 100% real tree. It’s kind of cool and gives her a spot to hang out and watch the birds in the trees outside without being on the table. (The Daughter is on the second floor and Khaleesi has a perfect spot to watch for birds and squirrels.)

      • I like that. Daughter’s not on the first floor which is supposed to be safer but grandcat can see the birds in the trees.

  7. Love Khaleesi updates! She’s my favorite L & H mama-I wonder why 😉
    Though I love the videos, I have to be careful with the sound. My girl Claudette was a street kitty-found on the streets at 7 years old (so you know she had lots of litters) with a litter of 7 that were dying due to her mastitis. She was rescued and separated from her litter and taken to a shelter and I adopted her 6 months later. When she hears the mewling babies on video it breaks my heart! She tries to figure out where her babies are-projection on my part of course, but the look on her face is so concerned. I’m sure we was a great mama in her time.

    • Thanks for the wonderful Khaleesi update – so glad Her Royal Highness is getting the wonderful life she deserves!
      Kirsten, the same thing happens with my 5 year old foundling Precious whom I recently adopted. She doesn’t react much to grownup meows, but she will look frantically when she hears kitten mews. We don’t know anything about her first four and a half years, but can only imagine that it involved some litters, poor dear.

    • Awww, poor sweet girl!

      The funny thing is that both our cats who had and raised kittens – Maxi and Kara – 1000% want NOTHING to do with any kittens, ever!

  8. Oh Rickles will be trying to get Gilda to pull his paw next! They are named after comedians after all!

  9. My favorite P.R. is definitely Archie. Except of course when it’s Stephan, Suggie, Newtles, Alice Mo or one of the others.