4-20-13 – Kitturday

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It’s a super-sized pics-and-video day! I am taking a ZILLION pics a day, and am compelled to share them alllll with you.

Jareth impresses Charming with his jumping-out-of-the-toybox skillz.

“I BITE YOU ON YOUR FACE!” says Aslan to Buttercup.

“I SMACK YOU ON YOUR SHOULDER,” says Buttercup to Aslan.


Leia sleepily wonders what’s going on over THERE.

Then she gets a little squirrely.

And does her bloodhound impression.

Charming gives Leia a Look.

Then goes across the room to rest because it is exhausting, being this cuuuuute.

Buttercup climbs up into the Hammick and thinks that maybe it’s nap time.

“Hey! Is nap time? I be right there!”

Buttercup climbs down out of the Hammick and gives the fleece bed a try.

Leia pushes Buttercup out of the way and takes a sun bath.

Jareth flirts with me, while Charming says “Gee your hair smells terrific!”

“OMC!” says Jareth. “My hair DOES smell terrific!”

“I could climb in that basket if I wanted to. I don’t want to, but if I did, I could. For real.”

Finally, Buttercup and Leia end up on the Hammick at the same time and 3…2…1…


Not one, not two, but THREE videos today!

In the first, the kittens are playful.

YouTube link.

In the second, the kittens are acting like squirrely little monkeys.

YouTube link.

And in the last, Leia and Buttercup get some fightin’ done, and then Leia and Jareth are… not very good hunters (yet!)

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hallo, you have come for the belly rub?”

“You are not rubbing the belly. Get to work!”

Khaleesi loves to knead the air while she’s getting her belly rub.

(We refer to this as “Praising the lord.” Tommy does it a LOT.)

Her happy little face kills me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Miz Poo is some kind of grumpy that Corbie is sleeping in HER spot.


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4-20-13 – Kitturday — 17 Comments

  1. Um. I’m sorry. But weren’t there a bucket o’ helpless, newborn kittens here like, 2 days ago?! Man, they grow fast! But look at them in the hammick! Eeeps! So friggin’ cute. You can really appreciate how tiny they still are. Any one of my guys would be spilling over the sides of it. (But they’d all be cool with sharing it with kittens though…)

    • It’s kind of appalling how fast they’re growing, isn’t it? If I didn’t have another litter baking right now, I might be sad. 🙂

  2. Boys and men all over the world, please take note, air-kneading is infinitely more fetching than air-guitar playing. As for the Royals, they have reached the apex of CUTE!!! Thanks for the Saturday special, and I hope Miz Poo has relocated her bliss.

  3. Aww, Mis Poo, you’ll have to find another happy place. I just about died from the cute when Leia did that little bitty sneeze! (At least I think that was Leia?) I love how they’re still at the unsteady point where their butt starts going faster than the rest of them and almost passes their head. Good babies, practicing your crouching hunting skills!

    Can’t wait to see what colors/patterns Khaleesi’s babies are! She’s such a pretty girl.

  4. With such adorable baby kittens in residence, and more on the way, how do you get anything done?!?!?! I’d be huffing baby kitteh tummies 24/7.

    • I don’t get NEARLY as much done as I need to! We’re being taken over by cat fur dust bunnies in the rest of the house, and I’m spending all my time hanging with the babies. 🙂

  5. *kerplunk* I am dead from the cuteness in that last video. Thanks Robyn. I was actually up early and checked here this am and thought okay if there is nothing then I will just have to review the week’s worth of cute already posted. Well what a pleasant surprise to see something up this pm. Oh, and I am going in search of that “S-curve”. I am sure I will have no trouble but if anyone has a link handy you could post it up too please.

  6. “praising the lord!!” LMAO

    I agree–I wouldn’t get anything done if there was even one kitten in my house, let alone FIVE.

  7. Oh boy are those kittens adorable! I can’t stand it! How do you not sit in there all day and just watch and play with them? Oh wait, you said you have tons of pictures, so that must be exactly what you do!
    Praising the Lord! That is too cute!!
    Poor Miz Poo, doesn’t she know gorgeous Corbie can sleep anywhere he wants?

  8. Oh those sweet, goofy babies!!! I am sick at home with a head cold, and these picture and videos cheered me up immensely!! 🙂

  9. I can’t believe the babies are already a month old! Loved the Leia sneeze!

    Though, uh oh… why are the Detective Kittehs trying to keel each other? Did their last case end badly?

  10. I love how Miz Poo is glaring at you with a look like “Why did you let him do that?!”

  11. If only Miz Poo had thumbs – she could shoot the Corbs with that conveniently placed can of air.

  12. So much cuteness in this post. Really unbearable. I need a pile-o kittens in my lap stat!