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Declan and Ciara, scoping out the situation and trying to determine whether it’s worth it to escape the McMao cave.

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McMaos in the McMao cave.

Goofy babies, rolling around.

Maggie, chilling out away from the babies.

Fergus Simon, exploring (that’s my camera lens cap his front paw is on).

Finnegan, rolling around.

Cillian. Everything is absolute, stunningly amazing to this little guy.


Fergus Simon, looking around. This one misses NOTHING.

“My paw smells funny.” (Declan)

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Sweet Miz Poo.


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4-20-11 — 11 Comments

  1. Wobbly babies! 🙂

    It seems we have almost-there ears and soon they’ll start walking like they mean business.

    I wonder why Maggie keeps a physical distance to them – does she get hot in the cave or maybe it’s too crowded for her liking? 😀

    • Sari,

      Scientists think that the mothers’ spending time away from the nest encourage the kittens to develop faster because they have to work harder and harder to get to the milk – using their eyes and noses to find her, getting it together to walk to her, etc.

      It may seem harsh to us, but Nature is like that.

  2. LOL the pic you have captioned Goofy Babies has a perfect example of what little boy kittys look like :)see its easy to tell!

  3. Steady there sailor! [singing] “What do you get with a drunken sailor….?” LOL
    Beyond precious!

    Doodle Bean is right…however, Maggie does need her Calgon moments!!!

  4. @Catherine, I took your link and blasted across the internet to all my connections. I also sent it on to IBKC as Laurie has a big following over there too. Hopefully all 3K can be raised. It made me think of the True Bloods that Robyn took amazing care of. And, yes, I am part owner of those 6 little pair of eye-lips! 🙂

  5. Wow they are just so amazingly cute! It is just to funny to see them when they are that little – that age is just so fun to watch! But we do understand why their mom would need a break sometimes!

    And HI Miz Poo!

  6. Awww!! They are super wobbly and super cute!! It’s just so wonderful to see the McMoas – and beautiful mama Maggie – thriving and flourishing!

    Hello Miz Poo! 🙂 I crack up everytime I write her name!! 🙂

    Take care

  7. The McMaos are growing so fast!! And Miz Poo is stunning! Torties are my fav 🙂