4-21-15 Tuesday

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Roseanne’s all “Not sure ’bout you, lady.”

And Louis is all “Hi, lady! HI!”

Louis and Roseanne, the little troublemakers.

“What you doin’, weird lady?” (Louis)

“My mama said she told you NO PAWPARAZZI!”

Louis and his mama.

Gilda would like you to know that Skelton’s butt makes an excellent pillow.

Shecky, keeping an eye on me.

Lucy’s face is cracking me UP.

As an FYI, yes: they do still occasionally hiss. Especially if they’re just waking up.

But then they get over it, and they SMILE.

Rickles has a complaint.

Due to Gilda’s tendency to hang out in the back of the crate, when I take them out to change out their bedding, I put Gilda back in the crate last, so I can pet her and snuggle her. She tolerates it, but after a while she starts looking for her siblings.


Miz Poo would like a pettin’, please.


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4-21-15 Tuesday — 35 Comments

  1. Robyn, I always love starting my day at Love-and-Hisses… But I also wanted to tell you I was thinking of you this weekend as I was cleaning up my yard. I raked all the leaves from under my bushes, then realized my extension cord for my leaf-sucker wasn’t long enough, and I had to move a large pile of leaves 15 feet. And I said to myself: “Self”, I said, “what you need is a pair of Miz Robyn’s Scoop Hands!” But I didn’t have any, and had to do it the hard way. (I obviously have a very hard life ) Which got me to thinking that maybe you could add the Scoop Hands post to the list of favorites?

  2. Oh the CUTE!!! Let me know when you open up a ‘7 step Kitten Huffing’ program, I’d like to enroll!!! But would probably get stalled on steps Roseanne and Gilda, with a sidetrack to Lucy…

    BTW on 2014… Orlando is still loving ear licks, but these days he’s as much a giver as he is a taker when it comes to Pickles! The 3 of us have a routine – when I bring her in from her outside catio time, he awaits upon the cat tree top tower…. I present Pickles to him and he thoroughly cleans deep inside each ear, with a finishing forehead lick… yep, she loves it!

    • I had been hoping for an Orlando update — hooray! But I believe we need photographic proof, Teresa.

      And Carolyn, thanks for reminding us of Robyn’s hilarious Scoop Hands update. I’ll be saving my first revisit for this afternoon.

    • I look at this when I wake up, on my little blackberry, then look again when I get to work – thankfully on a bigger screen… And now I see the little hand-holding Gilda is doing with Mama Lucy… Oh she crushes me! 🙂

      I need to have my hubby catch a picture of us doing the ear-licking routine, Kerry!! It is hilarious!

      • Hehe.. Love your blog post Connie! Oh to inhale… and to luxuriate in the softness that is kitty belly fur… 🙂

    • Okay, that is WAY too sweet, Teresa! It reminds me of when I’m holding a kitten, and their mama comes along and licks them on the head. 🙂

  3. Troublemakers? Naw, say it ain’t so! Just look at those angelic faces. We bet they are days, maybe weeks away from tussling, fighting, biting, pulling all the toilet paper off the rolls….

  4. They are all cute – but honestly the one that just made me pause and go “awwwwww…..” was Louis in the second picture where he’s all “Hi Lady!” Shecky’s my favorite of this litter, but still – I just want to pick up Louis and give him whatever he wants from that picture. 🙂

  5. *sigh* I need some Louis in my life. I wonder if the hubs would let me fly to Alabama, pick up that blue eyed baby and bring him home? If only you weren’t so far away! Actually it’s probably a good thing, or I would have like 30 permanent residents. These fools sure are sweet. <3

  6. Oh.My.GOD. I just can’t EVEN with these kittens! Their little faces, the tiny furry ears, the sorta-crossed eyes, and the mile-long toes…That second picture of Louis saying hi slays me. I’m making squeaks that only dogs can hear. They.Are.Killing.Me.

  7. Oh, and complaining Rickles? Are you kidding me?!??!! He looks like the most adorable little gummy ol’ man who’s missing a whole whack of teeth.

    **big ol’ swear words potty mouth swearing at how *swear-ing* cute they are**

    And the toes on those little monkeys! Once those nails come in they’re going to have T-Rex for paws.

    (My Old Man Atticus sends his girlfriend Miz Poo a forehead rub and purrs.)

  8. Great pictures of the wee ones! It’s a good day when Miz Poo makes an appearance! Please give her a hug and kiss for me. 🙂

  9. Oops! Didn’t mean to submit that last post as soon! What I was GONNA say was…

    Back to 2015, little Mr. Louis has completely walked away with heart. SO sweet.

    (Hi Miz Poo!)

  10. That look of concentration on Gilda’s face on Skelton’s butt makes me wonder: if you put a seashell up to your ear to hear the ocean, then does putting your ear up to your brother’s butt do the same thing?