4-21-10 – The Bookworms & Maura.

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The Bookworms were clearly ready to curl up for a nap, but Newt and Miz Poo had control of the cat beds. Check out the baleful looks on their little faces! (And the smug look on Newt’s face in that first picture is cracking me UP.)

They opted for the Ham-Mick.

That’s Corbett in the front, Bolitar in the back. This picture makes me laugh because it looks like Corbett is half the size of Bolitar (he’s definitely smaller, but not THAT much smaller), and Bolitar looks like he’s all head.

Note that while Miz Poo was sleeping, Bolitar climbed into the bed with her. She doesn’t scare him! What happens when Miz Poo wakes up and finds a kitten in the bed with her? You’d think she’d hiss and growl and smack, but she usually just sits there and looks completely disgusted before she gets up and stomps off.

Jake sniffs Bolitar.

And then Bolitar and Reacher form a two-pronged attack. Bolitar’s in hand-to-hand combat, and Reacher’s got Jake’s tail.

What a smug little face.

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Though I have no pictures of Maura to share today, the news is that she got the all-clear from the vet! So we’re starting the slow progress of releasing her into General Population. When I got home with her yesterday, Fred put the blockade up across the upstairs hallway, and opened the foster cat room, which gave Maura access to the bathroom and my room. At some point Jake forced his way past the blockade, so when we went upstairs to go to bed, Jake was sitting in the hallway and Maura was hanging out under my bed.

We’ll let her have the run of the upstairs for a couple of days, then take down the blockade and see how she does with the run of the house. I expect she’ll be fine. She’s a laid-back cat, but she can stand up for herself (which we’ve seen in action when Jake gets too much in her face), so if anyone tries to pick on her, they’ll find out she’s no pushover.

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I found this movie on my Flip Video over the weekend, and it made me laugh. I’m pretty sure the Cookie in the video was Keebler (even though you hear me gasp and say “MISSY!”).

YouTube link

Cats and kittens who scoot are the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE, because that is SO GROSS. I mean, they’re using your rug (or, in this case, the cat bed) as their TOILET PAPER and how nasty is that? On the other hand, it’s pretty funny to see. So while I’m mad and horrified and gasping and saying “MISSY!”, I’m also laughing. SIGH. They’re not even subtle about it! Which is probably a good thing, because when I see it happening, I grab the bottle of watered-down bleach and clean the spot where they scooted. Or in this case, I grabbed the cat bed and tossed it in the washer.

Cats are so nasty.

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“I disapprove of scooting. And kittens. Also, war.”


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  1. Re: Scooting: It IS pretty gross. My cat only does it when something’s really stuck, which is doubly gross, but he does it on hard floors, so it’s easy to clean. We call him (in French) the mechanical cat when he does it. It’s gross, but so funny. 😉

  2. Honestly, I have never seen my cats scoot…and they lived to 17 yrs old. My 8 yr old and 1 yr old don’t scoot either! Hmmmmm….

  3. Thank you for finding an adverb to describe this absolutely horrifying thing that cats do!!!!


    I love and loved all my cats over the years but this thing they do… oh it is the nastiest thing on this planet, really and truly!! Yes, bleach, disinfectant and washing machine to hand always!! Bad kitties!


    But the pics of the Bookworms and Jake and Miz Poo are just ADORABLE!!!


    Take care

  4. i’ve never seen a cat scoot, but the dogs do it pretty often. i think it’s hilarious, especially dash, he really cruises!

  5. Wow, I have never seen a cat scoot that I am aware of. If mine do they are very careful to do it when I am not home I guess.

    And the Bookworms look so sad about the beds – but it is good that they have the hamm-ick. We really have to get one of those (or 2, or 4!) But I love teh one of Jake sniffing Bolitar – Bolitar looks like he is thinking “is he gone yet, is he gone yet”. Very funny!

  6. Oh, I feel your pain. My current litter – the Sterlings – are ALL scooters! Granted, it’s gotten better, but sheesh!

    Is it because they’re so little and haven’t quite mastered the art of the poo? I dunno. Stinkers.

  7. One of my cats scoots sometimes. I hate it. He gets a stern talking to, and then I set about cleaning up as best as I can. Unfortunately I have carpet…….it is old carpet, but carpet none the less.

  8. I know my younger cat scoots, but I’ve never seen her do it. For ages I wondered how the heck she managed to make a line of poo down the hallway! Unfortunately for everyone involved, if she needs to scoot, she’s also got a little extra hanging off her behind…and so into the bathroom for wiping it is. She hates it ALMOST as much as I do.

    Those kittens, waiting for a bed, are simply too darn cute!

  9. Aw, the little Bookworms were blocked from the prime spots! Glad they found a nice place… and a way in to the beds later. 🙂 Sneaky little things…

    P.S. Rhyme and Reacher are on Your Daily Cute tomorrow! Come by and check them out. (Love the video!)

  10. ROFL!! I’ve only had one chronic scooter. I just try not to think about how many times they’ve done it when I’m not home to see. *sigh* Well, maybe there is some silver lining like strengthening our immune systems or something. (I know, it’s a reach, but we gotta try.)

    Reacher’s smug little mug while in possession of tail just cracked me up!