4-21-09 – The Seven

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Elijah, Ezra, Jasper and Phinneas are all going to be neutered on Thursday.

I’d say “poor babies”, but in my experience once I get the boy cats home at the end of the day, they don’t seem to realize anything’s happened at all. I’m sure Thursday evening they’ll be bouncing around without a care in the world!

2009-04-21 (15)

2009-04-21 (16)
She’s such a pretty girl.

2009-04-21 (17)
“Helloooooo good-looking!”

2009-04-21 (18)
“Who, me? No, what? I didn’t do it!”

2009-04-21 (19)
Caleb has earned himself the nickname “Trouble.” He was chewing on the cord to an alarm clock, so I unplugged it. He immediately went over to the wall where the end of a cable cord is sticking out, and started chewing on it.

2009-04-21 (20)
Crazy eyes!

2009-04-21 (22)
If I’d had any idea THIS was about to happen, I would have lifted the camera a little and used the flash to get it in focus. It makes me laugh and laugh.


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  1. If you send over the high-res original photo I can totally fix that in Photoshop. That is, I can fix (add/recreate) the cropped head. The poor focus is improvable, but not by much. Let me know if you want help with that.