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I was supposed to take Orlando to Petsmart yesterday and bring Livia home – since she didn’t get adopted last week, grrrr – but I opted to wait just a couple more days. I’ll do it tomorrow morning. The truth is, I just love that Orlando to death, so had to take the opportunity to steal a few more days with him before taking him back.

Orlando really likes to have his ears licked, and doesn’t hesitate to present them to the nearest cat for cleaning.

Dennis is usually the most willing to give ’em a cleaning.

Would you look at that happy little face?

He’ll give the paws a once-over, too.

It always ends in biting, though.

“How RUDE.”

Dennis and Tricki have a discussion.

Orlando was all “I NEEDS CLEANIN’, PLEASE,” and Tricki gave him a lick or two.

Orlando schooled me in the ways of “YOU CANNOT TOUCH THE BELLEH.”

“I HEAR you licking your lips back there, Dennis!”

Delightfully spotted Orlando belly. Can you blame me for trying to touch it?

Thomas playing with one end of the teaser and Orlando playing with the other end.

Silly monkeys.


Stinkerbelle reflects that this window needs some cleanin’.

Gorgeous girl.


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4-21-14 — 18 Comments

  1. The way to Orlando’s belly is through his ears!

    Fingers crossed Livia and all the other kitties get homes asap! Take care

  2. I’ve been wondering if the low-cost spay/neuter clinics close, will it affect your fostering? I think you use one in Huntsville for the fosters? I hate that a representative from my area, Bussman, ruined this for everyone. Will NOT be voting for him. At any rate, the clinics seem to be in limbo right now.

    • No, it won’t affect my fostering – the shelter will still spay and neuter all kittens before adopting them out, it’s just that they’ll have to use a regular vet, and it will cost more, so will require more donations and fundraiser.

      The legislators who are determined to shut down the spay and neuter clinics in the state are on my permanent sh*t list!

  3. While I too am feeling grr-y (extra-grricular, really) about Livia’s still being in search of a family, Robyn has led me to have great faith in Challenger’s House. Meanwhile, thanks for filling us in on your Orlando love, o blogger extraordinaire, and for the wonderful Stinkerbelle portraits. Hoping for a bit more handsome Thomas tomorrow.

  4. I am totally, helplessly in love with Dennis.

    His little face makes my heart swoon.

  5. Robyn, can you get a video of Dennis giving Orlando’s ears a good cleaning? I’m especially curious to see why the cleaning “always ends in biting”, and I always love seeing video of those precious little monkeys!

  6. Robyn, are you sure that you’re going to be able to let Orlando go again? I can see him lurvin’ with Jake and Tommy.

    And seriously, no one looked into Tricki’s eyes and succumbed? I did in a hot minute.

  7. I see Dennis is finally getting a bit lankier. I wipe a tiny tear from my eye because I loved his stockiness.

    • I feel the same way! I mean, he’s still totally kissable, but I loved his stubbularness so much!