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2012-04-21 (1)
Darwin (or Razzie, I’m not sure which), playing with the Emmy-cat-hair toy.

2012-04-21 (2)
“What? What you want? WHAT?”

2012-04-21 (3)
“Hmmm…. Nah. If I drink that much coffee, I’ll be up ALL night.”

2012-04-21 (7)
There’s this dent in the wall that they are absolutely obsessed with.

2012-04-21 (8)
“Got it!”

2012-04-21 (6)
“But it’s still there. What the…?”

2012-04-21 (5)
“Got it!” And so on and so forth.

2012-04-21 (10)
As much as they love playing with toys that cost me nothing (packing straps, wads of Emmy’s fur, milk carton rings), why do I keep buying toys, I ask you? (That’s a rhetorical question. The answer is, it’s an illness. I am incapable of passing up cat toys on sale.)

2012-04-21 (11)
Sweet Miss Logie.

2012-04-21 (13)
Newbery loves to get in this plastic food tray and dig at it. I’m not sure where he thinks he’s digging to, but he digs and digs (and Logie likes to help by digging under the lip on the side.)

2012-04-21 (14)
Logie, telling secrets to her toys.

2012-04-21 (15)

I weighed the kittens this morning. I thought for sure that Logie and Newbery were at 2 pounds, but they’re just under it. Both of them weighed in at 1 pound, 14 1/2 ounces. Razzie’s at 1 pound, 11 1/2 ounces, and Darwin continues to be my Little Bit by weighing in at 1 pound, 10 ounces!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Were you wondering to yourself, were you saying “Self? What IS the proper technique for coming down from the top of a cat tree? It is a mystery to me!”? Well, wonder no longer! Logie’s here to clear up the mystery:

YouTube link

And secondly, a video of the Noms playing like the little wild things they are, while Emmy has one of her many daily snacks:

YouTube link
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Poor Stinkerbelle. She loves her Tommy so very very much, and he doesn’t always have the patience for her.

2012-04-21 (16)
He was sitting in a cat bed on my desk just hanging out, and she came up to snuggle with him, whereupon he was like “Places to go, people to see, things to do! Seeya!” and jumped down.

2012-04-21 (17)
She followed him, and they bumped noses, and then Tommy was like “Did I mention I have places to be?”

2012-04-21 (18)
And Stinkerbelle said “I’ll go with you!”

2012-04-21 (19)
Whereupon Tommy said “Yeah, sure – only, did I mention that I have to be outside? Bye!” Stinkerbelle doesn’t go outside (she has never so much as tried to go out the cat door, which is probably a good thing, because I do not believe that putting a collar on her to keep her in the back yard would go over very well.)

2012-04-21 (20)
“Well. I. NEVER.”

2012-04-21 (21)
Then she set her sights on Spanky, who was minding his own business, rubbing against the refrigerator and hoping that the door might spontaneously open and eject some shredded chicken or baby food for him. Hasn’t happened yet, but that doesn’t mean it never will, right?

2012-04-21 (22)
Stinkerbelle said “Myeeeeeeeeeeew!” and Spanky said “I do not understand what you want from me.”

2012-04-21 (23)
And Stinkerbelle said “See? I can be sweet. See me rubbing on Corbie’s Safe Place Box and not even hissing because it smells like him?” To which Spanky said “I do not understand what you want from me. I’m going to go take a nap.”

2012-04-21 (24)
And Stinkerbelle said “Well. I. NEVER! Hmph!”

The end.


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4-21-12 — 20 Comments

  1. No wonder Miss Stank stays upon high. All that unrequited love…she chooses to think she’s ‘above it all’ rather than unloved. Ha.

  2. Newbery’s behavior reminds me of my Dragon. Any time he eats, even if it’s licking my plate on the couch (not that that’s ever happened, obviously… I’m merely speculating πŸ˜€ ), he’ll paw around where he just ate as if he were trying to dig or bury it. I got him when he was three, so I don’t know how long he’s done this, but now I have to assume he’s been doing it since he was a kitten. Newbery even looks like him! Hopefully Newbery doesn’t talk as much in adulthood as Dragon does. πŸ™‚

    • Once upon a time, I had bought some nasty frozen fish sticks. Not spoiled or anything, just cheap and nasty. I gave one to the cat, figuring that the fishier, the better…and she took it and attempted to bury it in her litter box.

  3. Razzie carrying that plastic packing strip around in her mouth…I am dead with the cute.

  4. Oh Stinkerbelle…obviously there needs to be some more cats in your house so you never lack for attention! πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh my, what a great weekend treat! Kittens with hairballs! Kittens with attitude! Kittens with huge honkin’ coffee cups! Kittens with dents! Kittens with strapping! Kittens in a basket!! Kittens with trays! Kittens with toys!

    And kitten videos!!!!!!!!!

    And Stinkerbelle’ tale of woe to wrap it all up. Poor Stinkerbelle!!!

  6. Oh my. Kittens must be made of marshmallow fluff and the stuff inside super balls. I’m pretty sure my recent fall on the stairs looked much like the Noms’ swan dives off the cat tree. Me… broken arm. Noms… bounce up and do it all over again. We’ll just ignore the massive age difference as part of the equation. πŸ˜‰ Now that the cast is off, I’m going to ask the doctor for an injection of kitten to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    So excited to see Miss Belle on the floor!! Are we certain Spanky and Tommy just don’t recognize her as the refrigerator hermit? Keep it up, sweet thing. You’ll have those boys eating out of your paw in no time!

  7. Love love love the packing strap carry! Packing straps: Ultimate cat toy! I think he’s thinking about using it as a hula hoop!
    Poor poor Stinkerbelle! All them boys and no one gives her the time of day! But she’s so pretty! How do they not fall under her spell??
    Have you been able to weigh Emmy? She seems a petite little thing. Is that why she gets so many snacks or just because she’s nursing?

    • She is a petite little lady. And one that sounds like she’d take your hand off for petting her. Lol I look forward to seeing her after she’s on her own sans kittens and Robyn and Fred work their magic on her.

  8. I love the kitties tiny little butts. I’m sorry I couldn’t resist, but they’re soo cute.

  9. Kittens, weigh-ins, Stinkerbelle, delicious blasts from the past (including baby Corbie) — all these in a Saturday extra! Thanks ever, Robyn.

  10. oh I’m so glad to see Miss Logie’s eyes seem to be staying blue! She’s turning out to be so striking (like we all knew she would be).

  11. It’s amazing that in just a couple of weeks, kittens go from drunken sailors to crazy, coordinated monkeys!

    Poor Stinkerbelle! I feel for you. I was once in love with a man who did not know I existed. Sigh!

  12. Newberry digging at the plastic tray. My Anna, now 2, scratches on the top of the litterbox (a high-sided one because she also pees vertically) and NEVER covers her ‘business’. Her littermate/sis doesn’t scratch at the plastic, and does cover her ‘business.’ Haven’t figured out why Anna does that.

  13. I LOVE your cats and the running commentary. I’m so glad to stumble across your blog. VERY fun stuff! Cats are always fascinating subjects for pictures and paintings too. I always enjoy painting them and trying to capture their beauty and whimsical personalities.

  14. Loved the kitten videos. You made a rather crappy weekend much, much better.
    BTW- you know of course that the kittens DO play with all the toys you buy them. But they only do it when they know you’re not watching. It’s against the ‘Rules’ to let you know they like them.

  15. Oh the dent in the wall is staring at the kittens and must be stopped! Smack the dent! Smack it! That’s the only solution!

    • The dent in the wall is how basement cat talks to the kittens and momma has told them not to listen so, you gotta cover it up with your paw! over and over and over…

  16. Is it mean of me to wish that all my cats would be like Stinkerbelle,with absolutely no desire to go outside?I don’t have the finances at the moment to get the cat fence put up around our yard,but also can’t keep my cats inside (too little space for my 4,especially Frankie,who could single-handedly destroy our place if we kept him inside.But I worry myself to death when my boys and girls are outside,sometimes going walkabout for 2-3 days at a time.They are all neutered and spayed,so luckily they can’t make any babies anywhere,but it’s still so dangerous.It just seems they truly prefer the indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

  17. We had a pug who would dig and dig and dig at the bottom on his kennel in the middle of the night. I would tease him that he was trying to go back to the motherland aka China. I also asked him to bring me back an eggroll. Maybe the kitten is part Chinese πŸ˜‰