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I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post – do you remember Gracey, who I posted about a few weeks ago? She was adopted on Friday. Yay!


Dennis in the wall basket. I only put that purple bed in there because I was vacuuming and needed to move it out of the way. Then I forgot to put it back on the floor, and now it’s too late because Dennis has discovered how comfy this little setup is. I swear, one day I’m going to put ten beds in a pile and set a timer to see how long it takes a cat to climb in.

Just such a PRETTY boy.

Pretty Miss Tricki.

Thomas, deep in thought.

Checking out his toes.

“I WILL NOT look to see if the ceiling fan is still up there. WILL NOT.”

Tricki at the water bowl, watching to see what I think I’m doing.



Her eyes are just SO amazing!

Say goodbye to Orlando, y’all. I’m taking him to Petsmart this morning, and bringing Livia home with me!


Sheriff Mama (Kara), atop the platform in the front room, keeping an eye on me. She is such a gorgeous girl, isn’t she?


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4-22-14 — 24 Comments

  1. Yay Gracey. What a kind person to look past the medical and see the sweet kitty needing a home. You got yourself some good people down there Robyn, not that that is a surprise or anything!

    • Her family already has 2 cardiac kitties, with annual trips to the cardiologist. Perfect home!

      • That is wonderful! She knows what she is doing!!!
        After having a diabetic cat for 17 years, I wouldn’t hesitate to have another!

        • I would love to read an interview with Gracey’s adopter. Can’t wait to see beautiful Livia again, and I hope Orlando is acclimating — may he and all those in need find the right homes soonest. Everybody is looking great today, and Thomas was most defo ready for his close-ups, Ms. DeMille!

  2. I’m so happy that Gracey has a home!
    It’ll be lovely to see Livia again, but it would be even lovelier if she got adopted already! And Tricki too, for that matter…
    Thomas looks like a big sweetie. Does he like to snuggle?

    • He does like to snuggle! As soon as I go into the room, he runs over and when I sit down, he flops down against my leg. 🙂

      • Thomas looks huge compared with the others. Is he? (And could I be manifesting signs of obsession?)

  3. I suspect that if you pile up those cat bed Princess Dennis will find a pea underneath.

    Cats, such divas.

  4. Good luck Orlando! And I am glad Livia is coming back for a break – such a sweet girl!

  5. HOW has Tricki not been adopted yet?! She is absolutely gorgeous. I’m hoping her forever family will find her soon!

    • I’ll have to see if I can gather 10 beds that I can pile on top of each other without them toppling over! 🙂