4-22-15 Wednesday

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“I sees you, lady.”

Pouty monkey Rickles.

“I’m gonna hang out over here on the cool floor. You take care of feeding those babies, lady.”

Skelton, very pleased with himself.

From left to right, we have: Skelton, Belushi (the stripey leg sticking out), Gilda, Louis, Rickles, Shecky, and on top of Lucy is Roseanne, doing a good job of blending in.

Louis and Roseanne on top of Gilda. That’s a whole lotta trouble, right there.

Belushi wonders why someone’s always laying on top of him.

Gilda’s wearing her hissypants.


“‘Sup?” (Rickles)


Videos! In the first, the kittens are all bellied up to the milk bar, and it’s kind of a mosh pit. Rickles pulls off quite the graceful acrobatic move around 15 seconds.

YouTube link.

And in the second, they’re basically all just kind of stumbling around. Not bad for almost 3 weeks old!

YouTube link.


A few weeks ago, Sugarbutt had to go in for a dental. And they shaved all the way around his right front leg, giving him a fabulous fur boot. I kind of wish they’d done the other front leg, too, so he’d match.


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4-22-15 Wednesday — 18 Comments

  1. Suggie’s single shaved leg is the equivalent of a single earring on the coolest boy in the class above you — a look he could totally pull off. (That was one assiduous vet tech, though!)

  2. My husband & I have really been enjoying these little ones.so cute! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  3. Aw Suggie, it looks like you’re wearing an Ugg boot.

    Rickles has the pinkest nose. *boop* And Gilda you are a beautiful, hissy-pants of a girl.

  4. Is it just me or do little tuxie’s always have HUGE whiskers above their eyes and on their cheeks? The three tuxedo cats I’ve had have crazy big whiskers and looking at Gilda compared to the other Fools its seems hers are a lot bigger than the rest of them!

  5. Just when I thought this litter couldn’t get cuter, that Gilda hissing pic is freakn’ Iconic

    Is that Louis right below with those Precious Moment eyes? Too much.

    SB looks like they need a serious cuddle after a stressful day at the dentist.

  6. Three little orange monkies on the left in the 2nd video look like they’re playing with each other already! Gilda… How CUTE!!!! All of them, absolutely adorable!!

  7. When will the kittens get to try solid food? Looks like Lucy is ready, even if they aren’t. They are all certainly growing up big and strong.

  8. My old cat Svenja used to get so horribly matted that I’d have to get her shaved a couple times a year. (She was super grumpy about getting brushed, hence the mats.) She would also be sporting lovely Ugg boots just like Sugarbutt’s. And a big fluffy head as well. 🙂