4-22-21 Thursday

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My lord, these kittens and their ears. (This is Fizzbin.)

And their whiskers. (Whist.)

And their attitude. (Uno and Slapjack, giving me the attitude.)

The tilted head kills me. (Pinochle.)

Canasta’s favorite place to sit and judge me.

Rummy and Pinochle, facing off. (Note: if I didn’t know that was Rummy ’cause I was there and took the picture and remember, I’d know that was Rummy because of the tail light and the fact that there’s not a white space between the black on her head and the black on her back.)

If I could only see her (this is Rummy again) from the side, I’d know it was her from the black spot on her left shoulder (and the tail light.)

See? Uno has that white area at the top of her back (and the tail light.) She’s facing down with Whist. (Now that I think about it, she’s got white on her ears and Rummy doesn’t, so that’s another way to tell.)

And of course we know Whist by her tabby wings.

“How come SHE has wings when I’m the angel??”


Archie’s all “Sorry, lady. No room on this bed for you!”


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