4-22-19 Monday

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ATTENTION, Y’ALL. We have an adoption pending on Albert and Willie!

“What?” (Albert (left) and Willie)

That’s right, there’s an application in on Willie and Albert, and after they’ve been neutered in a couple of weeks, they’ll be headed home together.

(Yes, I am very aware that many of you were hoping that the entire family would be adopted together. I myself know of no one who is ready, willing and able to adopt 7 cats at once and if you do, you might’ve mentioned that before now!)

But if you’re saying “Wait! I wanted to adopt some of the Half Pints!”, then you’re in luck because available for adoption (once they’re spayed and neutered in May), we have…

Mary! Sassy, sweet, and plays like a wild thing. Loves her siblings, puts on her floof suit at the drop of a hat, and will skitter sideways across a bed like nobody’s business.

Almanzo! Sweet boy with a VERY loud purr who plays like crazy. Loves his siblings, is a bit wary of strangers at first (like his Pa!), and is crazy for feather toys and the laser light.

Laura! Sweet, sassy and playful like her sister, completely unafraid of anything (like her mother) and a total snuggly lovebug (like her Pa).

Charles and Caroline! He’s a great big goofy lug who hates a closed door, loves rattly toy mice, loves being around people, and adores his Caroline. She’s a feisty little muffin (about half the size of Charles!) who also hates a closed door, loves catnip toys and the laser light, loves being carried around and petted, and adores her Charles. Charles and Caroline are a bonded pair and can only be adopted together. (Caroline is going to be spayed this week – Charles has already been neutered.)

If you or someone you know is in the Huntsville, Alabama area – or willing to drive here – and interested in adopting a kitten or two (or three!) or Charles and Caroline, please email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org for more information.


I was trying to get a picture of Albert and Willie together, and Laura came stomping over and rolled Willie onto his back before she sashayed away. Please admire that delightful belly.

The boys. (Albert and Willie in the front, Almanzo in the back.)

Another attempt at getting a shot of Albert and Willie, and then everyone (except Mary, who was off somewhere sleeping) had to get involved. That’s Willie (left) and Laura on the tree, Albert over there with the tilted head, all “What is going on here?!” and Almanzo in the lower right.

Laura, Albert and Mary have a sleepy.

Albert on the ham-mick.

My lord, that girl looks like her Pa.


Dewey shows off his fabulous Ears of Annoyance. Not bad for a picture taken through the window, eh?


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4-22-19 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. The oh so handsome Dewey looks as though he is waiting for you to draw him like your French girls.

    Yay for Willie and Albert! I mean, who could resist the pull of that adorable tabby sweetness? It won’t be long before the other Half Pints and Ma and Pa find their forever homes.

  2. Many congratulations to Willie and Albert’s family: fun is definitely in the offing. Owing to my obsession with America’s most adorable couple, I am not surprisingly poring over that photo of Charles and his beloved. Caroline’s left-front paw is, as Robyn would say, cracking me up!

    And yes, that photo of Dewey is perfection.

  3. I LOVE the picture of Caroline and The Paw Pose (and Pa in the background, of course). Hilarious!

    Congrats Willie and Albert!

  4. Yay about Willie and Albert! And I sure wish I could adopt Caroline and Charles (but no, no, no, I cannot!!!)