4-22-16 Friday

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11 year old orange and white kitty Tilla needs a foster for a few months! From Karen:

Omaha Metro (including Council Bluffs IA and anywhere about 60 min or so away from Omaha (and even Lincoln) area friends, I need help!

Anyone open to fostering my almost 11 year old orange and white fixed female kitty, Tilla? She’s got front claws and I will provide food and litter. She will be vetted and up to date on all shots. She’s got some personality issues. Not a big fan of dogs most of the time, but tolerates Crockett. She got along with Abby great. I have Feliway diffuser that I can send along with her.

It would only hopefully be for a few months until I can recover from illness and get a place of my own. My dad (and sister when she drops my niece off) is allergic and she’s gotta be in a dog crate all the time here which is not fair to her. I will provide food/litter for her also and would like to visit a few times a month if she’s close enough. Feel free to ask me any questions. Also share with any cat lovers you know/trust. Thanks so much!

You can reach Karen via email at karenmkennelly (at) cox.net or on Facebook here. Please spread the word!


Haaaaaave you met Lola?

She’s blind, has a cleft nose, and hydrocephalus, and she is just the cutest little dustbunny. I got to meet her when I picked Regina and the Fakers up, way back at the beginning of March, and I have to say that she’s even cuter in person. Go follow her on Facebook!


Good Lord. She’s already in heat? No wonder the world is overrun with kittens – her babies aren’t even grown yet. I did not realize they went into heat that often. I’m so glad she’s safe with you guys and that she won’t be a mommy again.

Right?? Those kittens are 7 weeks old, and Mama’s already looking to make some more. I am SO GLAD that that sweet girl won’t be having any more litters. I think it’s her turn to be the baby!


Robyn, I have a friend who’s getting into kittens. Her DH blames me – I blame Neko Atsume. Anyway, I want to get her a basket like you have, the dark cloth woven one. Charlene Butterbean has one too. While I’ve seen how to MAKE them, I’m a too uncoordinated to do that. So any recommendations from you (or the peanut gallery?). Bonus points if it gives back to cat charities, shelters or even just craft cat ladies. Thanks.

I got a couple of my baskets on Etsy from Wexford Treasures five years ago, and I can report that they are well made and have stood up very well to the abuse that kittens and the permanent residents have dealt out. I’d like to hear suggestions from everyone else, too, because I don’t think it’s possible to have too many baskets! (I’m also too uncoordinated to make a basket of my own!)


Ok, I’m gonna finally ask; What is that white thing on the wall that the kittens are so interested in? I see moving the triangle scratcher away from it hasn’t lessened their need to get up close and personal with it, as per the video.

Those white boxes on the walls are outlet covers – like this, only not that exactly (mine don’t have “cord shorteners”, they’re just covers). I had a litter at some point in the past that liked to pull on cords until they came unplugged, so I resorted to covering the outlets, and it hasn’t been a problem since!


I read this and thought about the kitties when they go to Petsmart.

My cats must be the least stressed cats on the planet – you can barely go two feet in this house without seeing a box!

There’s a box in the cat room at Petsmart – they don’t have boxes in their cages (the cages aren’t really big enough for that), but they can get some box time in while the morning and evening volunteers are cleaning.


I hope you won’t mind me posting this here — but it’s something important to any pet owner. Yesterday a neighbor knocked on my door, said there was a dead dog lying in my driveway. The dog had a Cheetos chip bag over its face. I called animal control, since it was a fairly large, beautiful dog, probably escaped a fence. Didn’t have a mark on it, just the bag. The animal control guy touched the bag; it was stuck. He said that is what killed the dog: it suffocated. I looked that up online, and apparently dogs AND cats can die by suffocation with a chip bag on their head. They go in it to lick/eat, and their breathing sets up a seal; it kills within five minutes. I had never heard of that, so very sad. Anyway, just a warning to everyone about chip bags

That poor pup! Thank you for sharing this. We already cut up those plastic six-pack rings before we throw them away; I’ll start doing that with bags as well.


Oh, Robyn, I was looking at Kokomo’s page again and I do believe she was adopted March 8, 2016. 2106 would be a very long time for her to wait for a forever home.

Shush, you. You think I proofread? HA. 😉

Also, I was looking back at your post from April 1, 2015 (one of my favorite L&H posts 🙂 ) and I was curious as to why you no longer have two foster rooms?

FRED ANDERSON is why I no longer have two foster rooms. He STOLE my second foster room! Fred got a job he could telecommute to a couple of years ago. He needed an office separate from our shared computer room, so I reluctantly sacrificed the second foster room. I actually like having him work from home – he spends most of his working day in his office, but he wanders through occasionally to get coffee or to just take a break from work for a minute. Also – what I like the most – he’s available to deal with the guys we hire to do work on the house, and I love not having to do that.

I often tell him that we just need ONE more room!


That serious little face kills me DEAD.

And that smudgy little face kills me dead.

Art Vandelay, fightin’ with the basket. As you do!

Like their mama, these kittens LOVE that track ball toy.

I feel like Ken is trying to pick a fight here.

Smudgy Susie. Doesn’t she have the most perfect little goatee?

Art gets flirty.

Doesn’t he have beautiful eyes? I wish they’d stay this color – on the other hand, maybe he’ll have eyes the color of Regina’s.

Regina, before she headed off to the spay/neuter clinic yesterday.

Don’t you love Bert’s stripes? I also think he’s deliberately covering his toes so I can’t see his delightful white toe. Brat!

Track toy tussle.

Bert gets wild!

So, I loaded Regina up yesterday morning and headed to the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic. She was NOT happy with me and did a LOT of complaining on the way there. I handed her over and headed off to do a bunch of errands. When I got home, I put the kittens in the bathroom and cleaned their room. I moved their food into the closet (I figure it gives them more room to run in the room itself), and arranged things so that if they get up on the windowsill, they can figure out how to get back down without falling to the floor. When I put them back into their room, they were curious but not freaked out.

They got a little freaked later in the day when workmen showed up to pressure-wash the house (in preparation for having the house painted). The noise freaked them out, but they got over it after a few minutes.

Regina came through her spay surgery just fine. When I got her home, I set her up in the upstairs bathroom – later today, we’re planning to put the screen door at the bottom of the stairs and let her have the run of the upstairs (except for the foster room) during the day. If she really wants to go in with her kittens, I’ll let her do so briefly, but since she’s on pain medication, I don’t want them to nurse. Once she’s had a chance to heal and is feeling better, we’ll probably let the kittens out to have the run of the upstairs, too.


Videos! In the first one, Ken Adams is grabbing, biting, and bunny-kicking his mama’s tail, and she totally ignores him.

YouTube link.

In the second video, there’s a LOT of skittering, prancing, and hopping. It’s safe to say that those kittens have hit their goofy stage.

YouTube link.


“Ugh. KITTENS. Why you gotta have kittens in that house, lady? WHY?”


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  1. I’m curious, does your vet charge extra to spay a cat in heat? Mine threatened to charge me a couple hundred more if I didn’t wait until she was out of heat. They said it was because the blood vessels were so engorged during the heat. I’m wondering now if I was lied to.

    • most standard vets won’t do it. our local low cost clinic prefers not to and will ask you to wait, but they will do it. yes, the blood vessels are harder to deal with. however, these clinics do SO many spays that they are just better at it than the typical vet that doesn’t do as many. short answer – there is a risk (however as someone who has fostered a momma cat in heat, I will take the risk over the howling)

    • I think vets usually charge a little more for cats in heat, but I don’t believe it should be a few hundred dollars more, that seems like a lot to me.

    • The North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic charges an extra $10 to spay a cat in heat. In my opinion, very much worth it – I think Fred would have paid an extra million dollars the other night. 🙂 A couple hundred extra seems like a bit much to me!

  2. Hooray for Regina Phalange, and Kara looks especially beautiful in today’s photo.

  3. Yes, I am a member of: Cutting plastic bag handles, paper bag handles, slicing open mylar bags, snack sacks of all kinds, bubble book mailer bags, ANY bag that has had food in it… Anything I can think of that a cat or dog or racoon or even TURTLES could get stuck in !! (Saw a huge turtle thats shell had grown into a tire stuck on its shell- horrifying !!) I’ve even taken to smashing flat empty food cans and slicing plastic jars with wide openings. Especially peanut butter jars !!
    Least I can do for some poor critter… <3

    • I am a club member too. Anything that could entice and then trap a critter of any kind gets the “cut” treatment from us. I would be shattered if that big sweetie doggie was mine or I found it like that.