4-21-16 Thursday

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More Molly pics from last weekend (Molly is my parents’ dog. She’s a Shih-Tzu (or Shih-Tzu mix); my parents were visiting for a few days before they headed home to Maine.)

Judging by how many times she stood like this when she spotted a cat (she was looking at Newt, who was glaring back), I’m thinking Molly might be a Shih-Tzu/Pointer mix.

Hello, Molly.

Molly in motion.

Molly of the shoes.

That underbite just kills me DEAD.


Art Vandelay. Is he a pretty boy, or what?

Chanandler Bong and Princess Consuela in the basket o’ toys.

Chanandler’s face is cracking me UP.

Pretty Susie, posing with her toy.

This looks like some kind of clothing ad for disaffected youths. I was going to say Gap, but the Gap kids look too cheerful. I was going to say American Apparel, but there’s an awful lot of nudity in their ads (at least the ones I see when I search on Google). So, I don’t know; I am clearly too old to know what the youths are wearing these days.

Bert Macklin’s got places to go, things to do, and no time for the tiny basket.

I spend so much time kissing that little face I’m surprised the fur hasn’t completely worn off.

Tusslin’ bros.

I’d say that Bert and Art (behind Bert) are snuggling, but I’m pretty sure Art was back there bunny-kicking Bert in the butt.


Guess who’s in heat?

“I KNOW my Prince Charming is out there, I just have to call to him VERY VERY LOUDLY so he can hear me!”


Guess who’s going to be spayed today?

“My Prince Charming is NOT at any spay clinic, lady!”


Video! One minute of kittens playing and fighting, fighting and playing.

YouTube link.


This picture of Maxi is from last summer. I am officially out of unshared pictures of her – a situation I need to remedy before her turn comes around again!


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4-21-16 Thursday — 17 Comments

  1. Obviously the kittens do not fit an existing line of clothing and must therefore have their own. ‘Smug Kitten Couture… you’re not cool enough to wear it!’

  2. Robyn, I have a friend who’s getting into kittens. Her DH blames me – I blame Neko Atsume. Anyway, I want to get her a basket like you have, the dark cloth woven one. Charlene Butterbean has one too. While I’ve seen how to MAKE them, I’m a too uncoordinated to do that. So any recommendations from you (or the peanut gallery?). Bonus points if it gives back to cat charities, shelters or even just craft cat ladies. Thanks.

  3. Why does it seems that every batch of kittens is the cutest one? I’m going to need updates from Art’s forever family pretty badly!

  4. Good Lord. She’s already in heat? No wonder the world is overrun with kittens – her babies aren’t even grown yet. I did not realize they went into heat that often. I’m so glad she’s safe with you guys and that she won’t be a mommy again.

    • Never quite understood how nudity was supposed to be good advertising for clothing.

  5. Tommy Hilfiger? Beautiful disaffected youth lounging about looking vaguely bored (and possibly menacing) wearing preppy clothing

    And Tommy Hilfiger seems particularly apt as you know Uncle Tommy would love these little stinkers

  6. Oh, Robyn, I was looking at Kokomo’s page again and I do believe she was adopted March 8, 2016. 2106 would be a very long time for her to wait for a forever home.

    Also, I was looking back at your post from April 1, 2015 (one of my favorite L&H posts 🙂 ) and I was curious as to why you no longer have two foster rooms?

  7. Robyn, I believe the clothier you are trying to think of is Abercrombie. I have friends with 3 teens, a girl and 2 boys. We went on vacation with them a few years ago and while we were exploring the bluffs along the shoreline of a county park, the mom pointed her camera at them and said “Abercrombie”. They immediately faced in different directions from one another and adopted those same disaffected expressions of which you speak. She has a zany sense of humor and the kids really got into it. It helps that they all pretty much look like they could be models. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen, but the pictures were awesome! I even took a few myself 🙂 Abercrombie!!