4-23-19 Tuesday

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Laura has a sleepy.

Laura and Willie, with attitude.

“What doin’, weird lady?” Mary wonders.

Almanzo’s all “The nappin’ blanket is on the bed, does that mean it’s nappin’ time?”

Willie’s got a mouse, and he’s not inclined to share it, thank you.

Please admire Willie’s perfect napping form.

Albert and Willie’s defiant little faces. “Yeah, we knocked it over, and WE AIN’T SORRY.”

Charles makes himself at home.

Caroline’s fur is just as soft and silky as it looks, if you were curious.

Failed family portrait – Caroline’s looking at the ceiling, some kittens are awake and looking around, some kittens are sound asleep. And Charles, over there on the table, staring at the door and waiting for it to open. Now that I say all that, I have to admit that this is a pretty good depiction of how this family is.

Albert’s keeping an eye on me.

And now he’s joined by Laura and Mary. I had no idea I’m so fascinating!


Oh, that Frankie. Isn’t he beeyootiful?


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4-23-19 Tuesday — 8 Comments

  1. re: the failed family portrait

    “I have to admit that this is a pretty good depiction of how this family is.”

    I cracked up at this unexpected admission. I think it’s because when I looked at the photo a 2nd time after reading it, Charles’ body language as he’s facing the unopened door pushed it over the edge for me. The impatient ears of annoyance are hilarious because it makes it look like he’s scolding the uncooperative door.

  2. I just re-watched the “Fight Fight” video from 2017. That scenario is repeated on a daily basis. I love comparing the 2017 version of Andre and Bella to the 2019 version. They still do some of the same funny things. They are just a little bit bigger now.

    Love your Ingalls family pictures. They are such a cute family.

  3. Oh, squee!! Little baby Tabbies! I wonder if I was that cute when I was a baby.

  4. Between the descriptive proof of Caroline’s soft and silky fur, Charles being a darling staring at the unopened door, kitten cuteness, and Frankie the beautiful electric ORNJ lovebug (someone called him super ORNJ once, and I’ve pictured him as bright orange ever since), I now want to pet every kitty in this post. XD

  5. I just love Charles. His colors make him beautiful. Isn’t this the third litter with Little House names?

    I can’t believe I have followed you since your first fosters. Maybe it was before. Have been a fan/following of your hubby for longer.