4-23-17 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

This morning, they were outside the crate but were against the outside of the crate rather than against the door, so that’s an improvement. (I know she looks scared in this pic, but it was cause I was waving my hand to get her to look at me. She loooves me. Okay, likes me.) #LocationWars

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Andouille looks like he’s trying to swim.

“Innernets, look at my foot. LOOK AT IT. Now go to bed. You have work/school/whatever tomorrow.” #ItsMagnificent #BeignetTheKitten

A boy and his mama.

No YOU spent the afternoon squealing “Oh my god sweet baby come HERE and let me kiss your snout!” at manatees. (Okay it was me. But maybe you did too, I don’t know what you do in your life.) (I neither kissed nor touched any manatees, but it was not for lack of wishing.) #manatees

It’s Toesday! Roux did not appreciate me holding her foot to take this picture but DANG, kid, stop wiggling around so much!

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Fight! Fight!

Good night, innernets. (Roux)

Son, you better CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE. #HeGetsItFromHisMama

Poor Mama. She gets no respect at all.

They’re starting to look like real kittens instead of formless blobs of cute!

It looks like Beignet has a sad. Obviously she misses the weird lady with the camera. Hang on, baby, I’m on my way! (I’ve been on vacation visiting my parents in Florida since Sunday.)

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18 days old, folks. Found Nola’s plate of food on his own, bellied up and started trying to eat. Didn’t do it for long, and I’m not sure how much he actually ingested, but – EIGHTEEN DAYS OLD.

The young master also enjoys pate type food, FYI.

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“Mama no Mama no Mama stahhhp I’m clean!” Poor #BeignetTheKitten . When Mama #Nola says you need a bath, you get a bath!

Good night, innernets.

Yeah, Archie can’t believe he’s sharing the table with Newt and Frankie and no has started anything. It’s a Caturday miracle!

I cleaned the foster room this morning and put the crate in a different location. The kittens now think it’s the best! Thing! Ever! And Nola can’t convince them to come out – that is, they come out to see what’s what and then they go back into the crate. Goofballs. #LocationLocationLocation

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That last step’s a doozy.

Good night, innernets.


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  1. Yay! Weekend update, thank you! Once, many years ago, I went on a Manatee diving excursion, on the Indian River (I think?) in Fla. I was an amazing, and magical experience. There were snorkeling options for folks who were not certified divers. Next time you go… if the water is warmer, there is nothing I could recommend any higher.