4-24-17 Three weeks old!

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Nola’s little Cajuns are three weeks old today, can you believe it?! Below are comparison pictures of each of the kittens.

Andouille at 2 days old, 1 week old, and 3 weeks old.

Sweet boy.

Beignet at 2 days old, 1 week old, and 3 weeks old.

“Lady, you is just so weird.”

Praline at 2 days old, 1 week old, and 3 weeks old.

“Watchin’ you, lady.”

Roux at 2 days old, 1 week old, and 3 weeks old.

Such a serious little face.

Can you believe how much they’ve grown in three weeks? I love this age so much – they’re so serious and judgmental looking and so befuddled by life. They’re starting to get the hang of walking (though obviously they don’t quite have it down), and they’re starting to be interested in/worried about the world around them. In the next week or so they should start using litter boxes and the girls will likely show some interest in food other than the milk bar. Andouille is continuing to eat a few bites of Nola’s food, and yesterday I found him nosing around in the kibble. That boy is clearly ahead of the curve.

Want another compare-and-contrast picture? Here the kittens are nursing at 3 days old.

And at 3 weeks old.

I’d say they’ve grown just a wee bit, no?

Praline’s toes. I can most easily tell Roux and Praline apart by their back feet, so when I was trying to take their 3-week pictures, I had Fred show me Praline’s feet as a marker so I’d know who the previous pictures in the picture roll were of. Aren’t they the cutest?

Andouille from above.

Praline, lookin’ upward.

Finally, a shot of Praline (left) and Roux (right), side by side!

Isn’t Nola just the prettiest girl?

So, on Saturday morning I put Nola and her kittens in the crate and put them in the bathroom so I could clean the foster room. It had gotten desperately in need of cleaning. This is what it looked like before – what you can’t actually see is that the area next to the crate had gotten coated in an inch-thick layer of Nola’s fur.

After the cleaning, it looked like this:

Basically I added few small litter boxes to the “carpeted” area and put the crate down a little way, and turned it. I figured they’d have more room to wander, and if they wanted to check out the crate in their wanderings, it would be right there. So I brought them back into the room, turned the crate and opened it. Nola came right out, but the kittens? Nah. They didn’t want to come out. And for the next day they’d come out, wander around, and then go right back into the crate. It wasn’t until mid-Sunday that they ended up coming out and staying out. At this point, they appear to have two homes. Sometimes they come out and belly up to the milk bar in front of the closet door. Other times, they just stay in the crate and call for Mama – who is far too obliging, if you ask me.


Video! A face-wash is okay, but beyond that Praline would prefer that Mama keep her tongue to herself, thank you.

YouTube link


Stefan really fills up that bed, doesn’t he?


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4-24-17 Three weeks old! — 19 Comments

  1. All I can say is that these babies are soooo gorgeous and adorable! I want to squeeze them all! Nola, good job!

  2. Pretty, pretty kittehs. They are growing so FAST, and this stage won’t last long. Enjoy. Come here first thing every morning to get my kitty fix! πŸ™‚

  3. When Sabrina and her sister Samantha were babies, they were pretty much identical tabbies, so I had to rely on their “sock” lengths to tell them apart. But as they grew (I had the litter until they were almost 4 months old as I was re-testing for Feline Leukemia) they continued to look the same but had entirely different textured coats, though both were short-haired. So I could pet them without looking and tell who was who, but had to rely on socks for visual identification!

    • I swear, I can sit and look at Roux and Praline, and try to see differences – but I CAN’T and it’s driving me nuts. I know there ARE differences, I just can’t seem to see them, other than the socks!

    • I love that there’s a pause between the time they have the thought “I shall pounce” and the time their bodies carry that thought out!

    • I think we only had the one Brahma rooster, and I honestly don’t remember how long we had him. He went off to freezer camp at some point!

  4. Kittens are the best Monday antidote!! The cuteness!!
    Love the slightly blurry kitten at the back in the pic with Fred holding Praline…

  5. Oh these guys are just too much! I just love that picture of Andouille from above.

    Look at the look on Nola’s face in the 3-week old nursing picture! She’s all “seriously, this is so not cool. Little dudes should be eating solid food soon, right?”.

    Stefan, I bet you were a seriously cute kitten too. You sure are a heart-breaker now.

  6. Their ears are well on they way to the tops of their heads! I find the ear-change fascinating…..

  7. OMC, these kittens! We probably say every batch is the cutest ever, but seriously, this batch is THE CUTEST EVER. Obviously, we’re serious this time. And the look on Nola’s face on each of the milkbar photos!