4-24-14 – TBT

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TBT: Tubby

(Some of these pictures are pretty small because I stupidly sized them down years ago and didn’t keep any full-sized copies!)

One of the first pictures of Tubby, in 1997. He was around 6 months old, I think.

Of course, his name wasn’t Tubby back then. He was Jack when we adopted him (he’s the first cat we adopted from Challenger’s House).

We renamed him “Snoopy”, and that lasted for a while, and then he just became Tubby. For obvious reasons.

He was a bit of an odd duck and would always get bitey after just a little petting, but he LURVED other cats. Especially Mr. Fancypants (who you’ll probably see in next week’s TBT.)

The look on Spot’s face is cracking me UP. “Dude. Your tail. MOVE IT.”

That’s a baby Miz Poo he’s staring at.

There was a fly buzzing around the light, which got his attention. Back then, we didn’t let the cats on the table.

He loved to sit like this.

And he always had a lot to say.


It usually consisted of “MEH.”

He was a silly boy, and such a character.

And really, really pretty. Good ol’ Tubby!


Dennis and Tricki have decided that Livia is all bluster. That hasn’t stopped Livia from hissing and growling at them, but she’s been all talk (no swatting or attacking, but hissing and growling), so they’ve been coming out of the closet regularly. Maybe she’ll realize she’s not impressing anyone, and stop the nonsense.

We’re going to put the screen door back up across the bottom of the stairs today, so they’ll have more room to roam and maybe that’ll relax her a little.

“That big kitty is CRAYZEE, lady.”

Dennis, after belly rub.

Gorgeous girl Tricki.

Amused at himself.

Sweet Thomas.

He has a water beard hanging off his chin.

And he don’t care.

Sniffing Dennis’s head (that’s Orlando in the background, so this picture is from before Tuesday.)

Livia and the Ears of why do other cats exist.

Pretty girl.

Rubbing on the toy box.


She is just the sweetest, snuggliest girl who loves to be petted. If she’d just get over this ridiculous attitude toward other cats, she’d be the perfect package!


Jake, tuning his loons.


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4-24-14 – TBT — 32 Comments

  1. Tubby!! My favorite kitty. I still imagine all of his meows sounding like Cartman.

  2. Pardon me, but I have to do this: JAKE! SQUEEEE!!! Lurve you Jake!!!!
    Ahem, all done, but as self-appointed president of the Raving Fan Girls Obsessed With Loony Jake Club (RFGOWLJC), when I see his picture I must squeal, wave my hands in the air and, if not fully faint, then at least get woozy. So far we’re a devoted club of one, anyone wanna join? πŸ˜€

    Tubby looks like he was a real character, what a cutie pie!

  3. In the photo of Tubby standing on the table he looks like he could be the Michelin Man’s kitty!

  4. Pics of Tubby and Mr. Fancypants? YAY!! Mr. Boogers will always be my favorite, but I have an affinity for the earlier Anderson kitties.

  5. Love that picture of Tubbs sleeping on the stuffed animals. And tiny Poo!

    “Back then, we didn’t let the cats on the table.” Obviously.

    OH Jake, you’re such a love.

  6. These throwback Thursdays are killing me. I feel like I’ve lost them all over again! This is what bittersweet tastes like, isn’t it?

  7. In the picture of Tiny Poo and Tubby on the couch it looks like Tiny Poo is about to be buried under a Tubby avalanche.

    • This afternoon I sat here and tried to figure out how I could make one of those. Because you KNOW they’re going to be a billion dollars and I desperately need one!

  8. I am so glad I’m not the only one that edited down images and doesn’t have the originals.. Remember when you got your 1 MB camera, and you were so amazed by it.. but the pictures were just too large to load properly on the internet..

    • YES – and I remember thinking “Wow, these are so big. I’ll never need them in such a huge size, this is ridiculous!” I wish I could go back in time and educate 1997 Robyn!

  9. God, I love Tubby, even though he was gone before I discovered this blog.
    All together now: MEH!

  10. Okay – truth be told… I NEVER thought I’d feel so happy about seeing Baby Poo! (get it?) but I am… I AM!

  11. I’ve been reading this blog for, oh, 14 years, and I have to say that Tubby remains my favorite of the Anderson kitties (followed closely by Jake). I’m always happy to hang my Tubby Xmas ornament on my tree every year. πŸ™‚

  12. Tubby! My big-girl kitty Aggie liked to prop herself up against the wall, too – I’m guessing it’s easier to breathe that way for big kitties. Although my Harley is also a big girl and she doesn’t do that….